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New Conveyor & Automation Systems Catalog

C14 Conveyor Catalog

Featuring NEW Conveyor Models and Molded Parts Handling Systems

EMI specializes in Custom Conveying Applications. Our new catalog includes the Extruded Aluminum Frame, EA Conveyors which maximize productivity and utilize floor space more effectively than other models.

We carry both Aluminum and Steel frame conveyors, available in flat, incline, adjustable angle, and z belt models. Whether you need a single automation cell or a lights out, plant-wide system, EMI will design and build an automation system that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

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  • End of arm tooling Catalog

    EOAT Online Catalog now with e-com links

    We have added lots of new products to our large, in-stock and ready to ship inventory of end-of-arm tooling components.
    Key Eye and Anchor Points

    New Key Eye and Anchor Points

    New Key Eye and Anchor Points are designed by forged alloy steel, quenched and tempered. They provide safer and more versatile handling of molds and other loads in your facility versus regular eye bolts.
    Gimatic Electric Grippers

    NEW! GimaticElectric Grippers and Rotaries

    These two- and three-jaw grippers and rotaries operate using only the electricity from your PLC!
    EMI Purging Compound

    Purge Cloudiness, Streaking, Black Specs & Hazing

    Use EMI Purging Compound as part of a more thorough start up, shut down, or color change procedure.