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*Not for Conveyors or End-of-Barrel components.
C14 Conveyor Catalog

New Conveyor & Automation Systems Catalog

Featuring NEW Conveyor Models and Molded Parts Handling Systems

EMI specializes in Custom Conveying Applications. Our new catalog includes the Extruded Aluminum Frame, EA Conveyors which maximize productivity and utilize floor space more effectively than other models.

We carry both Aluminum and Steel frame conveyors, available in flat, incline, adjustable angle, and z belt models. Whether you need a single automation cell or a lights out, plant-wide system, EMI will design and build an automation system that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

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  • Sprue Grippers

    Large Selection of Sprue Grippers

    EMI offers the world's largest in-stock selection of Sprue Grippers for end effectors and end-of-arm tooling. Senvex, >ASS<, Harmo, Gimatic and more!
    Water Manifolds

    Corrosion Resistant Water Manifolds

    EMI Stainless Steel Water Manifolds reduce overall manifold expenses with durable construction for maximum service life in any molding environment.
    Clearance Items

    Discontinued & Clearance Items

    Discontinued and Clearance items can be found in each section of our End-of-Arm tooling products.
    End of arm tooling Catalog

    EOAT Online Catalog now with e-com links

    We have added many new products to our large, in-stock inventory of EOAT components. Shopping for items is easier with direct links to e-com!
    Gimatic Electric Grippers

    Accuracy to within 0.5 grams!

    EMI’s Batch-Mode, Weigh Scale Hopper was specifically developed to provide maximum part counting by weight accuracy. Accurate, Fast, Flexible, and Economical!
    EMI Vacuum Cups

    Only EMI gives you this wide of a selection of in-stock Vacuum Cup brands.

    Vacuum Cups for Robotic EOAT - PIAB, Convum, SMC, Senvex, Star, Gimatic, Anti-Static, Hi-Speed, Replacement cups and more.