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Automated Container-Filling Systems

Portable Weigh Hopper Box-Filling Systems

Portable Weigh Hopper System

This versatile box filling unit fills two boxes, yet occupies only minimal floor space. An adjustable platform reduces spillage and keeps boxes up off of the floor.


  • A flip-flop diverter in the hopper fills one box, then flips to fill the second.
  • Quick-release, telescoping construction, with self-locking pins, allows overall height adjustments and box platform adjustments to be made easily without the use of tools.
  • Box platforms adjust up/down and in/out to accommodate different size boxes.
  • Smooth rolling castors allow it to be moved easily between applications.

  • This economical, two-station, air activated parts diverter fits on the end of almost any type of conveyor. The unit can be built using either an automatic or a manual diverter.

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    How does it work?

  • Parts enter in the diverter unit through the top. The unit has exit chutes on either side.
  • Inside the unit is an air activated, see-saw diverter.
  • When the diverter is tipped to the right, the parts exit through the left chute into a container positioned below.
  • When the diverter is tipped to the left, the parts exit through the right chute into the second container.
  • Portable Part Diverter

    Simple Installation:

  • The control unit is interfaced with the molding machine to receive a cycle count signal.
  • The feeding conveyor is plugged into the control unit.
  • The number of cycles needed to fill each box is entered and the counter is set.
  • When the set number of cycles has been filled, a left/right diverter automatically flips to fill the next box.
  • When a full box is replaced, the operator pushes a reset button. If the first box is not replaced, the conveyor stops.