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Automated Container-Filling Systems

Side by Side Automation Systems

Side by Side Box Filling Application

Side by side box-filling systems are an excellent way to increase the number of boxes that can fit into a limited space. They are suitable for use with almost any type of fill system including cycle count, Weigh Scale Hopper, robot, etc.

Sweep Arms, can be used for many different types of applications. They are an excellent way to transfer full or empty boxes from one conveyor to another, or to accurately position boxes for robotic filling. A wide range of styles and sizes are available.

How do Side by Side Automation Systems Work?
1. Empty boxes are filled onto the first conveyor
2. The first empty box is swept across the conveyor by a 90° sweep arm, to the fill position on the second conveyor
3. When the box is full, it is indexed one position and the next empty box is moved into the fill position

Features Shown on This Page:

  • Photo Eye: to activate a bar code or color code reader
  • Pneumatic box pusher: to push box off of the trunkline
  • Pop up sweep tabs: to push boxes back onto the trunkline conveyor
  • Sweep arms: to move boxes from one conveyor to the other
  • Double, lifting, 90° Sweep Arms: maintain space between containers or parts

  • Side-by-Side live roller Conveyor

    This system incorporates two side-by-side live roller conveyors running in opposite directions. The conveyors are mounted in one sub base—a sweep arm is mounted to the end of the filling conveyor.

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    Flat Belt with Photo Eye Conveyor

    This system uses a flat belt instead of a cleated belt to hold empty boxes. A photo eye assures that boxes are in the correct fill position. A sweep arm moves the filled boxes to the roller storage container.

    Side by Side System

    This side by side system diverts empty boxes off of a trunkline conveyor so they can be filled at the press. Once they are filled, they are returned to the trunkline. More about this system

    Double, lifting, 90° Sweep Arms – maintain space between containers or parts. When groups of boxes (or parts) need to maintain a specific orientation, while being moved from one conveyor to another, sweep arms that lift up as they return, can often be the perfect solution.

    How does it work?

  • Four boxes move into the transfer position. Two electrically controlled, sweep arms, move them onto the second conveyor (boxes maintain their original orientation)
  • Meanwhile 4 more boxes move into position
  • A rotating cylinder lifts the 2 sweep arms up, allowing them to pass over the boxes they have just transferred, as well as the 4 boxes that have moved into the transfer position
  • The sweep arms lower into their original position
  • The sequence repeats
  • Click here for a line drawing diagram