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Automated Container-Filling Systems

Automatic Tote Dispensers

Automatic Tote Dispenser System

When small parts need to be filled into totes for future use, an automated, tote dispensing, part filling system such as this can be an excellent, labor saving investment. Tote dispensers are available to suit a wide range of tote configurations, including wire reinforced rim totes, totes with attached lids, stack-only containers or tray containers.

Exceptional Versatility
Tote Dispensers can be mounted to almost any model EMI indexing conveyor to provide an efficient, space saving, part filling system.

Some tote models may require special adaptations to fit the containers you're using. To order, please send us the manufacturer's name and container size, or send a sample, to assure that the Dispenser is designed to fit your specifications. EMI can also recommend a tote manufacturer if required.

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Automated Tote Dispenser System

Automated Tote dispenser systems are configured to meet individual application needs. This system can hold up to 20 totes, and uses a cycle count to fill parts. If greater accuracy is desired, the same system could also be used with a Weigh Scale Hopper.

Automated Tote Dispenser System

Sweep Arms & Box Stops are common options added to tote dispensing systems. This system features three EAF conveyors with Internal Drive Packages & a Cycle Count box "full" alarm.

Over / Under Tote Dispenser

This 4-Tier Tote Dispenser features three Extruded aluminum frame conveyors and one roller conveyor. Totes are secure in the Lexan enclosure cage.

Tandem Tote Dispenser with Weigh Scale, Vertical Conveyor, and Gravity Roller

Tandem Tote Dispenser

Four Tote Dispensers Side-by-Side with Vertical Conveyor, and Gravity Rollers

Tote Dispenser

Pallet Dispensing System with Lift Table and Pin Stops

Tote Dispenser

Tote Dispensing System with Fill Position Controls, Pin Stops, and Wire Mesh Guarding

Tote Dispenser