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Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyors

EAK flat to incline Conveyor

EMI’s spring-loaded belt tensioning automatically adjusts to maintain correct belt tension when the incline angle is changed.

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Standard Lengths: 5'–15' at 1' (300mm) increments
Available Lengths: 5'–15' at 1" (25mm) increments
Standard belt widths: 6", 12", 18", 24"
Available belt widths: 6"-26" at 2" (50mm) increments


  • Anodized extruded aluminum frame with side channels that accept standard 3/8" hex head bolts/nuts See Detailed Illustration
  • 0-60° adjustability from horizontal to incline sections with built-in angle indicator
  • Anodized aluminum side rails 4" high, 90° overlapping the belt 1¼" per side
  • Easy adjusting extruded aluminum leg sets with 4" locking swivel castors
  • 1/3hp 90V DC TEFC motor
  • Gear reducer is sealed and permanently lubricated requiring no service
  • 6-20 FPM variable speed drive
  • Timing belt power transmission is enclosed within the conveyor frame
  • 50 lb. maximum load
  • V-guide belt guidance
  • Automatic spring loaded belt tensioning
  • Laced, polyurethane belting (blue), FDA approved material
  • 175°F belt temperature resistance
  • Units up to 20' long are shipped fully assembled

  • Common Options:

  • 12-40 FPM or 21-70 FPM are available at no charge
  • Endless belting is available at no charge
  • Alternate belting is available on all EA models. Green polyurethane and corrugated wall belting examples are shown here.
  • Side rail extensions for part containment
  • Lexan™ rail covers
  • Chilled air or ambient air blowers for part cooling
  • Stainless steel discharge chute
  • Deionizing blowers to eliminate static electricity and prevent particles from sticking to parts
  • Box filling by cycle count or weight
  • Alternate motor locations

  • To Order: Conveyor Specifications Form

    BW = Belt width
    Usable belt width measurment and rail options