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Metal Detecting Flat Bed Conveyors

Flat belt metal detection

Cost effective metal detection – Best for applications with metal either on or close to the conveyor belt.

The EMI flat bed, metal detection system is an excellent choice when tramp metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous) is free to fall either onto or close to the conveyor belt. Sensitivity is greatest near the surface of the belt, and gradually decreases as the distance from the belt surface increases. Cost is considerably less than an aperture-style system.

Flat Bed Metal Detection

The system consists of three parts, a compact coil design flat bed detector which is installed directly beneath the conveyor belt, and a NEMA 4 enclosure which houses simple to use, single board electronic controls. Sensitivity of the system can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of varying applications.
When metal is detected, the unit will stop the conveyor and signal an operator to remove the metal and reset the system. If automatic quality control is desired, the system can be combined with a parts diverter or reject chute to remove the suspect material.

Sensitivity Chart for Flat Bed Metal Detection

Sensitivity: This graph represents the test results on an EMI flat bed metal detector. In the first test we used various sized Stainless Steel nuts. In the second test we used stainless steel ball bearings. Each bar represents the maximum distance from the coil surface at which the parts could still be detected. Note: The test was performed with stainless steel, because it is more difficult to detect than regular steel.