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Parts Cooling Conveyors

Parts Cooling Conveyors, Chilled Air Cooling

Chilled Air Parts Cooling

Chilled air cooling is an excellent choice when parts need to be thoroughly cooled. Standard chilled air cooling units include a blower and coils mounted in an enclosure over the conveyor belt. Chilled water is provided by the customer’s chiller or tower. Cooling chambers can be placed on flat or incline conveyors. Indexing the conveyor belt can help to maximize time in the cooling chamber. Blowers can be variable or fixed speed.

Custom cooling enclosures can be added to almost any EMI conveyor or automatic container filling system. Cooling units can also be retro-fitted in the field on existing EMI conveyors.

Cooling units such as these, fitted onto the infeed conveyor of a box filling application, maximize the savings from automated systems by allowing cycle times to be reduced as much as possible.

Features on this application include:

  • Finned heat exchanger
  • Process water hook ups - for tower water or portable chiller, water supplies
  • Variable speed blower fan
  • Side entry chute - for hot parts coming from an under press chute
  • Total enclosure - keeps cool air around parts; forces hot air out the ends
  • Variable speed conveyor belt - allows you to control how long parts are in the chilled air environment
  • Condensation drip tube

Air Flow From Below Provides Maximum Part Cooling!

When thick-walled parts need to be cooled, getting air to both the top and bottom surfaces can often be difficult. This application solves the problem by mounting chilled air coolers on both the top and bottom of the conveyor, a wire mesh belt allows air to pass through to the parts.
Chilled air blowers under the belt blow air into and around the part. To provide even greater time in the cooling chamber, an indexing cycle is sequenced to allow the parts enough time to properly cool.

Chilled Air Parts Cooling
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Side Rail Air Channels direct air flow over parts

Part Cooling Conveyor

A chilled air cooling conveyor such as this is an excellent, cost effective choice for shops that use a large number of cooling conveyors. Chilled air from a central chiller is blown into enclosed channels which double as side rails. Perforations allow the air to flow into a Lexan™ enclosed cooling chamber. The system could also be used with ambient air if less cooling is desired.

Chilled Air Part Cooling with Deionizer

Chilled Part Cooling

EMI can add a static neutralizer to your belt conveyors through which parts flow on their way to other conveyors, work stations or packaging. This option minimizes dust and dirt attraction to parts, and also reduces parts clinging to each other or metal surfaces they touch.

Side-by-Side Boxfill Application with Chilled Air Part Cooling

Chilled Part Cooling

Chilled Air Part Cooling with Diverting Gates

Chilled Part Cooling

Chilled Air Part Cooling CLR Style Leg Stand

Chilled Part Cooling

Four Wedge Temp Cooling Units Mounted Above and Below Provide Maximum Cooling

Chilled Part Cooling