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Quality Control & Parts Diverting Systems

Parts diverters are an excellent way to automatically remove bad shots from a system or to automatically fill parts into a container.

Quality Control & Parts Diverting Systems:

  • Reversing Conveyor - When a 'Process Control output' signal is received from the molding machine, this conveyor reverses, removing the part from the system.
  • Pivoting Diverters - Available as either free standing or conveyor mounted, these systems include a panel that tips when the molding machine signals a bad part.
  • Shot Rejection Conveyor - If a bad part is molded, a Process Control Tie-in signals two cylinders to push a side panel down, creating a chute which diverts the part from the system.
  • Gate Style Diverters - Open and close on a signal from the molding machine, to divert parts off the conveyor into a container.
  • Robotic Chute Diverter - A robot places parts into 4 chutes. Each chute leads to a separate lane on a conveyor. Each lane fills into a container.
  • Turntable Diverter - Allows maximum number of parts to fill onto the table while preventing parts from dropping on each other.