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Robot Interface Applications

Enclosure Cages

Enclosure Cage for Robot

EMI can custom design the perfect enclosure for your Conveyor or Automation system.
Robotic enclosures provide two important benefits - they protect operators from the robot arm, and they help to protect the robot from being damaged by other equipment. Enclosures can be expanded to include elevators, box-filling stations, pass along conveyors, etc. Enclosures can be made from Lexan™, expanded metal. Options, such as safety lights to signal when access doors are open, emergency stop buttons, etc. allow the enclosure to be customized to meet specific application needs.
This economical, expanded metal enclosure allows the robot to place parts onto the conveyor through a hole in the top. The opening at the bottom is sized to allow the parts to easily pass through.

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Protect Workers & Equipment:

This custom enclosure does double duty, it shields workers from robot operation, and it protects the infeed section of a granulator. An enclosure such as this can be an excellent and economical way to enhance worker safety.

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Robot Enclosure using Lexan:

This Lexan enclosure has been expanded to also protect an elevator, which lowers boxes filled by a robot to the lower storage conveyor. Lexan was chosen for this application so that the operator could monitor the operation from across the room.

4-Tier Conveyor Application with Lexan Enclosure

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Belt Turn Application with Lexan Enclosure

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Multiple Lexan Enclosures Protect Workers & Equipment

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Contained Part Cooling with Lexan Enclosure

Self Contained Parts Cooling

Elevated Part Transfer with Lexan Enclosure

Enclosure Cage for Robots

Robotic Application with Lexan Enclosure

Enclosure Cage for Robots

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