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Robot Interface Applications

Elevated Part Transfer

Elevated Part Transfer Station

Part Relay Station uses an elevator to lower parts. This system was designed to lower parts from a robot with a limited vertical stroke. The parts were tall and delicate. Dropping them would cause damage, and moving them down an incline would cause them to tip over.

Tall, narrow parts had to be taken from a robot, lowered and then moved through a 90° turn to a secondary operation—without falling over. Because space was limited, an elevator was used to lower the parts. The parts are placed on the elevator, conveyor platform and then lowered. When the platform reaches the bottom, the conveyor platform activates and moves the parts to a 90° flat top, chain belt conveyor that moves the parts through the turn.

Part Relay Cooling System

Robotic automation system cools parts and fills them into boxes.

  • Empty boxes are loaded onto bottom level indexing conveyor
  • Parts are placed by a robot onto the top conveyor, where they are cooled in a chilled air tunnel
  • The cooled parts are fed into containers waiting in the Weigh-scale fill position on the lower level
  • When the preset weight is reached, a sweep arm moves the filled container onto the gravity roller storage conveyor
Part Relay Station

Part Relay Station lowers tall parts without tipping.

A Part Relay Station solved the problem. Included is an upper conveyor for the robot to place the parts on, a rodless cylinder-activated elevator to lower the parts and a lower conveyor to remove the parts. Operation is fast and automatically timed to match press operation. The elevator uses a rope conveyor to move parts on and off. Depending upon the type of application, a belt or tray conveyor could also be used.

Vertical Conveyor

EMI can custom engineer a Chain-Driven Vertical Lifter with Lexan Enclosure

Vertical Conveyor

This Vertical Conveyor System includes an ATL Conveyor with Painted Steel Enclosure and Lexan Door with Foot Switch

Vertical Conveyor

This Part Elevator has Intralox belting, a cooling unit, Lexan rails and a cover

This Part Elevator application has precise box positioning options, a weigh scale with sweep arm and indexing rails.

Vertical Conveyor

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