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Part/ Runner Separators

Part/Runner Separator – SL-18

Free Standing Separator

EMI Part/Runner Separators are often a versatile and cost effective way to separate parts from runners. Normally positioned at the end of an under press conveyor, these Separators are available as either free-standing or conveyor-mounted units.

Part-runner separation can be added to the end of either an under-press, Flat Belt Conveyor or to Cleated Belt, Inclined Conveyors of 12" or 18" widths. Note: Retro-fitting requires that EMI be supplied with the model and serial numbers of the existing conveyor.

Pictured to the right is a Free Standing Part Separator. This features a 16-gauge, adjustable height, support stand. Belt width is 18" and the belt speed is 40 FPM. They are shipped completely assembled—simply position the legs and they're ready to run. Click here for Specifications.

The pins on EMI Finger Separators can be pulled out and reconfigured to suit varying application needs. Many molders also choose to order additional belts which have been specifically configured to suit that application's specific needs.

Free Part/Runner Separation Test!

Common Options:

  • 60FPM Constant Belt Speed
  • 0-100 FPM Variable Belt Speed
  • Extended Separator Head, in 12" increments
  • Spare pin belts
  • Alternate pin styles & materials

Flat-Belt Separators: Available on Models: ADF, DDF, RM & CLR with 12" and 18" belt width. Click here for Specifications.

Inclined-Belt Separators: Available on conveyor Models: ADC, DDC, ADK, DDK, KK, KKI, CAR, RCRD, RM2D, & RMC with 12" and 18" belt width. Click here for Specifications.

How to Order:

Specify one of the following options for your belt conveyor/separator combination:

  • Option F-1, 60 FPM Constant Belt Speed
  • Option F-2, 40 FPM Constant Belt Speed
  • Option F-3, 0-100 FPM Variable Belt Speed
  • Option F-6, Extended Length Separator Head, in 12" increments. Specify desired extension length.

Side-by-Side Boxfill Application with Separator

Side View

ADF Conveyor with Adjustable Finger Separator made for 18" Conveyor

Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyors with SL-24 Separator, Deionizing Bar, Lexan Cover, and Containment Hood.

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