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Part/Runner Separators

EMI Part/Runner Separators mechanically separate sub-gated parts (not attached to a runner) and are not intended to be used to break parts away from a runner.

Each separator is intended to be used in conjunction with or attached to an EMI belt conveyor. A typical application places the belt conveyor under the press and mold to catch the shot, then move the parts and runners out of the press and separate them into two different containers or onto additional conveyors.

Belt conveyors with separators may also be placed alongside the press, but require a chute or under-press conveyor to transfer each shot onto the conveyor/separator. Best separation results are achieved when only one shot at a time is dropped onto the belt conveyor/separator. Allowing multiple shots on the belt at one time complicates separation and decreases separation rates.

Free Part Runner Separation Evaluation: We will test your parts and runners on our equipment and contact you with our recommendations. We Need:

  • Sample Parts & Runners: Send us three complete “shots”. Be sure the runners are typical of the runners that the separator must work on. If you run a fast cycle and the runners “curl up”, send us “curled up” runners.
  • The Cycle Time: In seconds.
  • Conveyor Style: Specify your conveyor preference using our Conveyor Specifications Form, such as flat belt or cleated belt.
  • Press Dimensions: Fill out the appropriate Press Dimensional Data Form.
  • Send samples to: EMI Corp. 28300 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe OH 44092
    (please include your name, phone and company name)