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Grinder Feeding Conveyors

Grinder Feeding Nose Over Conveyor

Nose-Over Conveyors are frequently used for feeding grinders, because they assure that all of the scrap fully enters the feed hopper. Most molders consider this to be the safest way to feed scrap into large grinders.

To protect expensive grinders from being damaged by tramp metal or inserts being mixed into the scrap, many molders choose to use a Metal detecting conveyor to feed into the grinder.

Protect Workers & Equipment:

Grinder feeding conveyors can feature an extra large infeed accumulation hopper to insure that the scrap is fully contained.

A large nose over section assures that scrap is fed completely into the grinder infeed hopper.

Multiple Grinder Conveyor Application:

Grinder feeding conveyors can be fitted with extension side rails, tall side rails, cooling fans and other options shown in this application.