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Bag Filling Turntable

EMI variable speed turntables are available in five diameters and heights from 28” to 34”. Placed at the end of a conveyor belt, they provide an excellent work station for accumulating, sorting, finishing or packing molded parts.

  • The rotating table and 6" side rails are lined with FDA approved white PVC belting material to protect parts
  • The drive motor is behind protective metal guard
  • Optional castors allow the Turntable to be moved easily as application needs change

  • Specifications:

  • Available in 3 diameters: 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ or 7’
  • 12-gauge steel construction, stainless steel is an available option
  • 1/3 hp, 110/60/1 DC variable-speed drive
  • Synchronous belt drive
  • Shipped with electrical components completely installed and wired
  • Control wiring is contained in liquid-tight conduit and connectors

  • Common Options:

  • Stationary Outer Ring - only table surface rotates
  • Castors -to ensure ease of movement
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tapered Stainless Steel Cones for Part Distribution

  • Optional Part diverter: allows the maximum number of parts to fill onto a turntable.

    How does it work? As parts enter the turntable, they travel around the edges until they reach the diverter. The diverter moves them to the center of the table where they can accumulate. New parts enter the turntable without dropping onto parts that are already there.

    Extruded Aluminum frame conveyor with chute to a Workstation

    workstation turntable

    Workstation with Custom Infeed Hopper and support legs

    workstation turntable

    Parts are dropped onto the Flat conveyor and transported onto two Workstations for processing

    workstation turntable

    RM Conveyor with 4 foot turn table.

    An adjustable chute with delrin slide plate keeps parts close to the edge.

    workstation turntable