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End-of-Barrel Components & Accessories

When it comes to developing the technology and equipment necessary to produce injection molded parts with new materials, EMI has the experience and expertise you need to stay one step ahead. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of end-of-barrel components and accessories, EMI has compiled a long list of problem-solving products. Check our prices. Our pre-engineered technology lets you save on developmental costs while providing timely, problem solving solutions for all of your plastic processing needs.

Interlocking Ring Valve

Specifically engineered to meet the needs of the Injection Molding Industry, EMI Ring Valves and Ball Check Valves meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order forms are available for custom Ring Valves & Ball Check Valves.

End-of-Barrel End Cap System

EMI’s End Cap System integrates a complete system of specially designed components to process heat and shear-sensitive materials. Field-proven results are a more uniform melt, consistent shot sizes, less scrap, and higher productivity compared to smear tips.

EMI Performer Shut-Off Nozzles help optimize molding machine productivity by allowing the screw to retract while the mold is opening and closing. You’ll shave cycle times to a minimum and increase fill rates for high speed or large part molding.
2000 Series | 2600 | 2800 | 2900

Screw Tip Removal Wrench

Screw tips are an important component for all injection molders and should be properly maintained. Browse EMI's screw tip accessories to maintain your screw tip and keep it working at its best.