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End-of-Barrel Nozzles

EMI stocks hundreds of nozzles in popular sizes and machine makes—or we can custom build to your specifications!

EMI nozzle tolerances are closer than OEM specifications and we guarantee each adaptor, nozzle, filter and mixer for two years.

Compare our prices—our recently installed, automated machining centers have boosted our production and lowered your prices!

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  • Removeable Nozzle Tips
  • Two-Piece Nozzles
  • One-Piece Nozzles
  • Big Bore Nozzles
  • Internally Heated Nozzles
  • Tramp Material Filter Nozzles
  • Linear Edge Filters
  • Nozzle Accessories
  • Linear Edge Mixers

    Machine Adaptors

    Nozzle Machine Adaptors

    Standardize all your machines to accept standard, stocked
    1 3/4"-8 nozzles.

    $225.00—made to your machine thread specifications.

    Nozzle Transducer Mini Adaptor

    Nozzle Transducer Mini Adaptor Nozzles with nozzle pressure transducers require a larger sized hex than standard nozzles, requiring an add on charge of approximately $47 per nozzle.

    This mini adaptor can be added to any standard adaptor. $83