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Injection-Molding Supplies

This is the best selection of accessory products we have ever offered in quality, price and fast delivery. We know how important up-time is to your productivity, so we stock the most popular sizes and models of products to give you service when you need it the most. If you don’t see exactly what you need, ask about our customizing services.

Drawer Magnets

Drawer Magnets provide valuation for injection molding machines, molds, and dies. They mount oble protecn the throat of the molding machine to stop tramp metal from flowing into the machine.

Standard | Low-Profile | Sealed | Custom
Clean Air Bag

Air and Oil Purification Products keep your working environment as clean as possible and protect your workers from oil and other contaminants with our wide range of products.

Clean Air Bags | Oil Purification Systems
Mold Clamps

Our through-hardened steel Mold Clamps last longer than less-expensive case-hardened clamps. These are easy to install and are adjustable so no spacers are required. We now carry over 100 different sizes of Metric Mold Clamp Bolts

Anchor point with hook

Lifting Eye Bolts and Hoist Rings enable loading from various lifting angles with a 360° rotation. Many sizes in stock and ready to ship.

Hopper Magnets

1" diameter, stainless steel Hopper Magnets are mounted on an injection molding machine hopper or granulator. Round or square, they keep ferrous metal scrap from entering your injection barrel and causing damage.

Mold Release Sprays

Mold Release Sprays Clean and protect your molds. Increase molding efficiency with EMI and ZIP Mold Release products that are specially formulated to provide high-levels of user and environmental safety.

EMI Purging Compound

EMI's new series of Purging Compounds are specifically aimed at removing cloudiness, streaking, black specs and hazing in many applications. This ready-to-use, pre-mixed compound can be used for any process, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.

Mold Tools

EMI offers everything you need to keep your molds and mold products in tip-top condition.

Brass Rod Kits | Bronze Grippers | Steel Gate Cutters | Economy Gate Cutters | Gate Cutter Reconditioning
Mold Slide Shields

Mold Side Shields are an excellent way to prevent small parts from sticking to oily machinery, reduce part contamination, improve part quality, and reduce scrap loss. Plenty of features make these side shields the easiest ever to install or remove.

Deburring Tools

Deburring Tools specifically designed for molders. EMI offers everything you need to keep your molds and mold products in tip-top condition. All these items are on Clearance!

Deburring Kits | Deburring Blades | Deburring Blade Holders
Drum & Gaylord Covers

Drum & Gaylord Covers eliminate contamination and ambient dirt and moisture while loading your injection-molding machines. Standard sizes are in stock for immediate shipment. Custom sizes are available.


Monitor the temperature of the molten plastic during the molding process to help insure proper consistency and limit excessive machine wear with our line of thermometers and thermocouples.

Machine Mounts

Molding machine mounts are used to level machinery by compensating for uneven floors. They are an excellent way to help reducing noise and vibration.