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Mold Side Shield

Mold Side Shields open and close along with the mold. Parts are directed downward onto a conveyor or into boxes, rather than scattering around the mold. Side Shields are an excellent way to prevent small parts from sticking to oily machinery, reduce part contamination, improve part quality and reduce scrap loss.


  • A specifically designed spring guarantees a long service life of the mold side shield
  • Spring loaded roller, rolls screen with each cycle — no creases or folds to trap parts
  • Available in 12 sizes and three material choices; custom sizes are available upon request
  • Velcro® strips allow screens to be replaced easily
  • Standard material temp is rated to 239°F, non-flammable, glass-filled fiber rated up to 302°F and high temperature material is fire retardant up to 572°F.