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Environment Protection Kit for MPPM Clean Room Solution

Item #:KIT GMP G 
Available: Available upon Request

Gimatic electric grippers can operate in environments characterized by a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene by integrating the KIT-GMP-G.


An adapter enables fastening the electric gripper to a robot interface (not included) and protecting its operation by means of a sterilisable silicone cover. The gripping fingers (not included) can be fastened by means of special hygienic stainless steel screws. The systems meets the most stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) cleanliness standards for Grade A and B.

  • 520g
  • Suitable for gripper MPPM1606.
  • Compliant with GMP Grade A and B cleanliness standards.
  • Cover made in Silicone Silpuran®Wacker FDA 21 CFR §177.2600.
  • Compatible with hydrogen peroxide (VHP-H2O2) and UV cleaning procedures.
  • Complete system with IP65 protection rating.
  • ISO14644-1 certification for ISO 4 cleanrooms.
  • Stainless steel hygienic screws (Novonox).
  • Transparent surface that enables reading the LEDs of the internal sensors and the power supply status LEDs.
  • Hygienic design surfaces preventing the build-up of bacteria.
  • Easy fastening of gripping fingers with anti-rotation system.
6989 Gimatic 2-Jaw Electric Parallel Gripper MPPM

Gimatic’s electric grippers are designed to be used in place of traditional pneumatic components were compressed air circuits could be a liability. They operate in an on/off manner receiving their signal directly from a control panel. There is no programming needed or intermediary control device. An added benefit is the energy savings realized because the motor is only used to actuate the device. The actuator position is maintained by mechanical means when an object is gripped and motor cut off.
A microprocessor and all electronics are integrated into the gripper so that no other external controller is necessary. The microprocessor operates the motor and turns it off with no programming required.

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