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Additive Manufacturing Service for EOAT

EMI 3D printed components
EMI 3D Printing

Fast and Economical 3D Printing Service from EMI.

From 1 part to 100 parts, simple or complex, get the custom item you need for your EOAT from EMI.

Our on-demand printing provides immediate feedback, and minimizes downtime. EMI employs an HP Multi-Jet Fusion 4200 printer that prints in a Nylon (PA-12) that produces functional, end-use quality parts that are ideal for the injection molding industry. EMI was also an early adopter of Mark Forge’s – Mark Two FDM printer. This printer produces functional, FDM components and allows for composite filaments (carbon fiber, Kevlar & fiber glass) to be added for increased strength.

Do you have a 3D printed project? We’d love to hear from you.

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3D printed End of Arm Tooling

Innovative 3D Printed EOAT's

From gripper fingers, to part nests, and complete EOAT structures, these 3D printed components perform tasks with excellent quality, speed, and precision.

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Work Smarter and Faster, for Less

3D printed EOAT fingers

Compared with machining end-of-arm components from aluminum or other metals, additive manufacturing saves time and expense while producing lighter-weight part.

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Designed Custom to Your Application

3D printed EOAT fingers

This EOAT features fingers with built-in air ports for vacuum. Send us your CAD file and our engineering team will work with you to get the printed part you need.

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3D printed parts nest

Precise Part Placement with 3D Printed Vacuum Nests

Maintaining control of a workpiece is one of the most important aspects of robotic part handling. With EMI’s 3D printed nests, even the most complex surface geometries can be matched for precise and repeatable handling. Vacuum can also be incorporated for part detection and increased control of that work piece!

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EMI – End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Experts

Whether you need only 2 vacuum cups or over 100 custom EOATs engineered and built, EMI has the experience that thousands of customers have come to rely on for their successful End of Arm Tooling needs. We’ve got an enormous stock and broad range of EOAT components, knowledgeable engineering support, talented assembly technicians, and in-house manufacturing. EMI does EOAT in a big way!

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