EMI’s 3D-V Kit: Custom 3D printed Vacuum Gripper

The Pneumatic 3D-V Vacuum Kit for Universal Robots by EMI is a fully customizable 3D printed End of Arm Tooling that can be made to meet your specific handling needs. Any custom 3D-V kit can have up to 16 vacuum cups within a 375mm x 275mm footprint. EMI can provide the ideal tool to you that is both lightweight and smart with an integrated sensing module.

The development of the 3D-V Vacuum kit for the UR3, UR5 and UR10 was created from the years of successful use and implementation of Additive Manufactured components to compliment custom End-of-Arm Tools since 2013. This fully 3D printed, lightweight frame made out of durable nylon is compatible with over 700 stocked vacuum cup styles to fit all applications.

The 3D-V Vacuum Kit is easy to install and operate. Simply connect your 6mm compressed air line, your 4-wire cable to the controller box, install EMI’s URCap to your UR3, UR5 or UR10, and your Pneumatic 3D-V Vacuum Kit is ready to expand the capabilities of your Collaborative Industrial Robot.

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  • Certified by Universal Robots
  • Fully Customizable: (1–16) vacuum cups with variable spacing.
  • Select the ideal vacuum cup for your application: High Temperature, Non-Marking Hithane, Dual Durometer for textured parts, Anti-Static, and many other options. Check out our Vacuum Cup Section.
  • Integrated Vacuum Generator with a monitoring switch for part confirmation.
  • Internal manifold inside the core of the frame to reduce hazards from tubing.
  • Lightweight 3D printed frame made out of durable nylon.

EMI 3dv

Included in our 3DV kits:

Solenoid valve

Included: 5/2 Solenoid Valve with fittings, mufflers, and non-slip Velcro strap.

vacuum generator

Included: Vacuum Generator with monitoring switch for part confirmation.

cable clamp

Included: (2) Cable management clamps with non-slip Velcro strap.

installation node

Installation Node & Program Node, click image for more detail.

3dv sawyer

3DV mounted on Sawyer, click image for more detail.


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