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Part Accumulation Hoppers

large Accumulation Hopper

No matter what your application needs are, EMI can design the perfect hopper for your EMI conveyor.

EMI offers a complete line of Accumulation Hoppers. They are available in a wide selection of capacities, sized to fit belt conveyor widths 6“ to 48“. This low-cost, side feed, under press hopper eliminates the need for an under press conveyor.

Use a polycarbonate cover on hoppers to keep contaminates out!

Standard Accumulation Hopper Guide


  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Low-Profile
  • Pivoting Flapper
  • Adjustable

Extra-Large Hoppers from EMI:

Some extra-large hoppers need legs to help support their weight and prevent the conveyor from tipping over. The legs on this hopper have castors to allow it to be easily moved.

Soft Lining Hoppers from EMI:


Soft lining on the inside walls of this hopper assists in preventing cosmetically delicate parts from being scratched as they are fed into the hopper.

Hopper with Custom Part Diverter and Leg Stand:

This under-the-press EAF model has an optional leg stand.

Hopper with Hinged Side rails and Standard Leg Sets:

3-Sided Hopper for Part Dumping:

Extra Large Hopper

Extra-large hoppers such as these, are an excellent way to assure complete part containment when feeding parts into bowl feeders, grinders, etc.

Under-press Hopper

Side mounted castors allow the conveyor to sit at its lowest possible height, butting against the press to ensure maximum hopper reach into the press.