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Indexing Control Options EA

Indexing Control Options for All Extruded Aluminum (EA) Models

These are only for the Exturded Aluminum (EA) Model Conveyors, please find specifications for All Other Conveyors here.

If your robot is equipped with a robot control package, it can be programmed to operate with any of our Robot Indexing Conveyors. Note: EMI engineers can can assess your robot control and supply the proper programming.

If your EA robot does not have an adequate control package, our Indexing option can supply all of the controls you need to perform a wide range of automation functions including, box-filling, part stacking, indexing for controlled cooling and parts accumulation, orienting parts, etc.

Electrical Indexing Options for Extruded Aluminum robotic conveyors

Note: Single phase, AC motors are not designed to be turned on/off more than once every three minutes. Doing so will cause premature motor failure.

For Indexing Conveyors, use one of the following three alternatives:

  • Choose either a 230 v. or 460 v., three-phase motor.
  • Use a clutch to eliminate turning off the motor.
  • Specify EMI's variable speed drive. This is the recommended choice. Note: Conveyor operation can be wired from some robots directly to the Variable Speed Drive, however, the wiring must be disconnected to move the conveyor.

EA Indexing Option

Compact PLC Indexing Control System:

Available on EA model conveyors, EMI’s Compact PLC Indexing Control is a 110/60/1, NEMA 1 electrical control system designed to index a conveyor when a signal is given by the robot. The customer must wire from the robot into the EMI control enclosure a set of contacts to signal whenever the conveyor is required to move.

The Indexing Control System Includes:

  • A compact NEMA 1 enclosure with LCD display and soft touch function keys for user setup.
  • Accepts momentary or maintained signals, user programmed.
  • Includes 6-70FPM variable speed.
  • Reversing mode.
  • Easily adjustable digital timers.
  • Continuous run mode.
  • English and Spanish language.

Options for Robotic Conveyors

  • Different Timer ranges.
  • D.C Variable Speed Drive.
  • 230/60/1 or 220-440/60/3 electrics.
  • Manual Belt Clearing Over-ride.
  • Over-ride for the manual belt clearing over-ride to stop the conveyor prior to the robot releasing parts.
  • Reversing for bad part rejection.

Continually Running Conveyors

Constant belt speeds are available in 110/60/1, 220/60/1, 230-460/60/3 AC and variable belt speeds are available in 110/60/1, 220/60/1 DC, or 110/60/1 or 230/60/1 in, 230/60/3 out. 1/3hp - 1/2hp. 460/60/3 input, 460/60/3 output.

How to Order

For each press to be serviced, fill out the Press Dimensional Form and send to EMI along with one complete shot of part(s) and/or runner(s).

Usually, your conveyor will be either a constantly running unit, or an indexing conveyor which is electrically interfaced with the robot. Use Conveyor Specification Form to indicate control options.