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The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not provided below, or would like to submit a comment, please email us at Sales@EMIcorp.com, or call 216-535-4848.


  • Who is my Sales person?
    Our sales managers and their contact info are listed on our Contact Us page.
  • Is there a stocking Distributor in my area?
    No, we ship directly from one of three locations. Two are located in Ohio and the third in Mexico. All orders shipping to any US or Canadian destination are shipped from Ohio. Orders shipping to Mexico and Central America can be shipped from all three EMI locations but most often will ship from EMI-Mexico.
  • Why is there a Part number and a Quick number, and what is the difference?
    We assign all our parts 3 or 4-digit Quick numbers to make them easier to order and search. Please use Quick numbers when searching online and when ordering.
  • How can I find current pricing?
    All online pricing is current and up to date. The Online Catalogs are an excellent resource for current pricing.
  • How do I get a quote?
    For EOAT and Injection Molding Supplies, quotes can be generated online. Add all the items you need to your shopping cart. Click into your cart and ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Select the correct Shipping Address, and Method. Once you proceed to the ‘Payment Options’ screen you can choose ‘Save as Quote’. You can also contact EMI Sales for EOAT, Injection Molding, and all Conveyor quotes.
  • I received a Quotation Confirmation by email. What is the best way to convert this to an order?
    Whether by phone, or emailing to Sales@emicorp.com, the best way to convert an EMI Quote Confirmation to an Order is to mention the Quote Number up front in the phone call, or to prominently state you are converting a Quote into Order Status in your email. This simplifies the entire process, with the quotation number essentially becoming the order number.
  • How do I place an order online?
    Before placing an order online you need to register for an account. Click on Log in and under Register click on Create Account. Once you have filled out the information our customer service team will verify the information and register your company for an online account. It could take up to 2 hours for verification (M-F 8am-5pm).
  • Can I get shipping costs up front?
    All parcel shipment costs are based on actual weight of the product so we are able to offer the shipping costs after the order has been packed and it is ready for shipping. If you need shipping costs prior to ordering, contact Customer Service.
  • When will my order ship?
    All order confirmations have an estimated ship date on them. In-Stock items ship the same or next day. Lead times for Non-Stock items vary. Consult your Order Confirmation for the expected ship date of these items. Consult EMI customer service if any questions remain or more information is required: Phone #216-535-4848 / Sales@EMIcorp.com.
  • How do I track my order shipment?
    Tracking information can be found online by logging in to your EMI account, going to My Account, and choosing Track my Quotes & Orders. For UPS orders: When your order is confirmed, the email address used is automatically registered to receive a shipment notice, with tracking information, from UPS Quantum View. For truck shipments, contact EMI Customer Service by Phone #216-535-4848 / Sales@EMIcorp.com.
  • How can I get a copy of my invoice?
    If you placed an order online a copy of the invoice can be found in your online account, otherwise email Sales@EMICorp.com or call 216-535-4848.
  • Why does my order confirmation say OCL?
    Each customer has a credit limit set by EMI. If your order says Over Credit Limit (OCL) it will be released for shipping or our credit department will contact you.
  • Why does my order confirmation say Past Due?
    If your order confirmation says Past Due that means your account is past due or delinquent and shipment of your order could be delayed. We strongly suggest contacting AR@EMIcorp.com or Customer Service to make payment arrangements.
  • Why is my credit card being charged an extra $150?
    Your credit card isn’t actually being charged an additional $150; it’s only being authorized for the additional amount. We need to authorize over the actual amount to allow for shipping and backorder costs. At time of invoicing we then apply only the exact amount of shipping costs incurred, to your card. At time of invoicing only the actual shipping charge will be charged to your card.
  • Where do I send my PO?
    PO's can be emailed toSales@EMIcorp.com phoned in to our Sales/Customer Service line (216-535-4848) or placed online through your registered user account. No mailed hard copy of your PO is necessary.
  • Where do I send payments to?
    Remit to EMI Corp. Accounts Receivable. PO Box 590 Jackson Center, OH 45334 or send it electronically via ACH. Contact AR@EMIcorp.com for ACH information.
  • How can I make a return?
    Email Sales@EMICorp.com or call 216-535-4848 for an Return Authorization. An RA is mandatory before returning any item. Credit will be issued after we receive the item and it has been inspected. Please have the EMI shipment number and/or your PO number that is relevant to the request for return, as well as stating the reason for return.
  • How do I recover my User ID or Password?
    Visit our Log In page and click ‘Forgot your User ID’ or ‘Forgot your password’ and it will be sent to your email. You can change your password at any time by visiting the ‘My Account’ page and ‘Edit My Info’. Please note you cannot change your User ID once an account has been created.
  • Can I share the items that are in my cart with a coworker?
    To share the items you want to purchase with a coworker you must both be registered with an EMI online account. Create a ‘Supply List’ and make it public to share them with your colleagues for reference or purchase.
  • What information do you need to design a tool?
    Ideally, EMI would like to have to the following information for each new EOAT application:
    1. Completed EOAT Design Assistance Form that highlights the basic project scope and criteria.
    2. 3D CAD data of the Part(s) and Sprues/Runner(s) with the proper mold spacing and orientation. (File format: *.step or *.x_t)
    3. 3D CAD data of the Mold with “Top of Mold” clearly indicated either on a drawing or in the 3D model. (File format: *.step or *.x_t)
    4. Physical sample Parts with the Sprues/Runners attached (if applicable). This is especially important for degate applications.
  • What if I don’t have all of the requested information available that is listed above?
    That’s alright! Continue to send in the information that is available. Each application is unique and may require more or less information than what is originally requested. Contact EMI’s Customer Service at 216-535-4848 or EOAT Engineering at EOATengineering@EMIcorp.com for more information on what alternative data can be submitted.
  • Where do I send my part data and mold files?
    All files can be uploaded to our secure Sharefile File Transfer. These files are only accessible by authorized EMI personnel. Please choose John Danik for all US and Canada EOAT applications. Choose Fernando Lopez for all Mexico EOAT and all Cobot applications. Please contact EMI with any questions or concerns.
  • Where do I send my sample parts for my EOAT?
    Please send your sample parts to:
    EMI Corp.
    Attn: EOAT Engineering
    28300 Euclid Ave.
    Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
  • How do you design and build my EOAT?
    EMI’s EOAT Engineers evaluate and design the tool specifically for your application. Using 3D CAD software, our Engineers will model the EOAT assembly to correctly interact with the part and ensure everything fits within the mold for a smooth out-of-the-box experience with minimal startup adjustments. Once ordered, our experienced assembly technicians will build the EOAT directly from 3D CAD data. The Engineer and Assembly Technician will test the tooling and perform a final quality inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. This includes testing the EOAT with the specific work piece and setting the sensor(s) properly, if samples are provided.
  • How long does it take to get an EOAT quote?
    EOAT designs typically take 2-4 weeks from the time we have all the required information. The lead time is often dependent on complexity and work load. Contact EOATengineering@EMIcorp.com for more information.
  • How long does it take to assemble the EOAT, once an order in placed?
    EOAT assembly typically takes 2-4 weeks from the time an order is received. The longer leads times (3-4 weeks) are often attributed to the use of custom and special ordered components. Contact EOATengineering@EMIcorp.com for more information and to discuss alternative options if timing is an issue.
  • Do you keep any EOAT components in stock?
    Yes, we keep thousands End of Arm Tool components in stock at our facility in Wickliffe, Ohio. In fact, most orders for stock components ship same day if the order is placed before 4:00pm ET.
  • How long have you been doing EOAT?
    EMI Corp. has been supplying End of Arm Tooling products to the Plastic Injection Molding Industry since 2001. Since then we’ve expanded our product offerings from 65 products to well over 5,000 different components. EMI has also designed over 12,500 End of Arm Tools since we began offering our engineering services in 2003.
  • What is an EAE Part? And why can’t I order EAE part numbers online?
    All EAE Parts are custom engineered and manufactured and not available online. Call EMI customer service about an EAE part.
  • How do I get a CAD file?
    All EOAT CAD files can be downloaded on their respective product pages. They are also organized on our CAD File Download page. Contact Customer Service if you need assistance locating a drawing, model, or if it is not listed online.
  • Who do I contact about 3D Printing?
    Contact our 3D Printing experts at 3DPrinting@EMIcorp.com
  • Who do I contact about Cobot Applications?
    Contact our Cobot experts at Cobots@EMIcorp.com
  • What kind of maintenance does my EOAT require?
    Our Engineers have organized this Maintenance Manual and it is included with each EOAT we design. Regular inspection and maintenance of your EOAT will prolong the life of your EOAT components.
  • Does EMI’s Engineering Design Services extend to solutions other than on-arm EOAT?
    Yes, we often assist customers with solutions for stand-alone degate stations, fixtures for inserts, single/multi-axis linear transfer station, simple pick and place devices and highly specialized handling systems. In addition to our EOAT engineering services, EMI also has a dedicated team of engineers for conveyors and box filling systems.
  • What information do you need to obtain quote for a conveyor?
    It may be best to start by calling us at 216-535-4848 and talking to an onsite application expert. Our Conveyor Specification Form and Box Filling Form can be submitted via email to assist our discussions. The next step is often to have one of our Sales Managers consult with you over the phone or at your plant to define the physical size of the conveyor and potential option requirements.
  • What conveyors are in stock?
    We need to identify how you are using the conveyor and receive input from you before we start building. Because of this, we don’t have any conveyors in stock. All conveyors are made per order, and every effort will be made to streamline this process to meet your timeline.
  • How do I know the conveyor will work in my application?
    With over 45 years experience providing quality, custom automation solutions, we work with you every step of the way. 3D CAD drawings with quotes provide a visual of your conveyor and peripheral equipment. Revisions are made until you approve of the design. EMI personnel are available for plant visits for the run off, and to make any final adjustments.
  • What kind of drive does your conveyor come with?
    All conveyors come standard with a 110 Volt, AC Variable Speed Drive. Standard external drive packages utilize a shaft mounted, “Direct Drive” gearbox. We also have the ability to provide chain drives on any model. Select models can incorporate a space saving, internal drive package.
  • Do your conveyors come with a warranty?
    EMI’s conveyors come with a limited (3) year warranty on the mechanical and electrical components, and a (90) day warranty on the belt. EMI conveyor will not be covered under warranty if modified/added to in any way that would compromise the integrity of the conveyor. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.
  • Where are your conveyors manufactured?
    EMI conveyors are manufactured at our plant in Jackson Center, Ohio.
  • What materials do you manufacture your conveyors out of?
    We manufacture our conveyors out of powder coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or extruded aluminum.
  • What conveyor belting options do you offer?
    EMI uses White PVC belting as standard on our Signature Line, Merit Line, and Trim Line models. Our EA extruded aluminum models utilize Blue Polyurethane as a standard. Both of these standard belting materials are FDA/USDA approved, and provide the necessary performance and durability for many applications. Other common belt options for high temperature and other specialty options are listed here: Conveyor Belting Options. Consult with EMI to provide us detailed information of your needs, and we will assist you in determining what belt material to specify for your needs.
  • Who do I contact for a status for my conveyor?
    Contact your regional sales manager. Their contact info are listed on our Contact Us page.
  • How to find the conveyor serial number?
    The serial number plate can be found mounted to the side of your conveyor, see example. This information includes: Model number, Serial number, Voltage, Amps, and the Conveyor Belt number. We also include a packet with every conveyor sent that contains our User Manual, wiring diagrams, and specification sheets. The serial number and model number can be found on the front of this packet.
  • How do I find replacement parts for my conveyor?
    Exploded views of all conveyor models are found on our Conveyor Parts page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact EMI Customer Service. We continue to support all the many thousands of conveyors we have built. The older the model, the more likely there may be a lead time for shipment of parts, but it is not uncommon for us to supply repair parts for conveyors all the way back to the 1970s. Common conveyor replacement parts can be ordered online here.
  • Is EMI equipment certified UL for US and CSA for Canada?
    These certifications are typically applied to individual components that the manufacturer makes, not a singularly produced conveyor to customer specification such as ours. All of our electrical components that we incorporate into our conveyors are UL/CSA/CE certified, but not the resulting uniquely designed and built conveyor.