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Conveyor inspection table

Our most common inspection tables have a stainless steel top, powder-coated steel frame and table that includes a galvanized roller, and LED light fixture. Inspection tables are used to provide a flexible way to inspect or assemble parts. They have an adjustable height and overhead lighting that guarantees a proper part inspection. A discharge chute, rollers, shelves and more can be added and built to your specifications.

Common Options:

  • Adjustable shelves or drawers
  • Integrated conveyors
  • Side rails
  • Infeed and discharge chutes for sorting
  • Overhead lighting
  • Vision systems

Adjustable Parts Receiving Tray & Cart:

Adjustable Part Tray

An adjustable tray mounted at the end of a conveyor not only reduces spillage by positioning the box closer to the conveyor, it also helps to assure that boxes stay clean and dry by keeping them off the floor.

Parts Receiving Table:

Adjustable Part Cart

Preventing pile ups at the end of a conveyor is easy with this adjustable angle cart. Placed at the end of a conveyor, this easy to adjust cart allows parts to slide away from the end of the conveyor. Not only does this help protect parts from being damaged by oncoming parts, it also helps to prevent parts from being drawn around and into the conveyor mechanism. Available in Stainless Steel, painted steel or aluminum. Wide range of sizes available.

Parts Inspection Table:

Part Table

This free-standing stainless steel top, pained steel frame table includes a galvanized roller, LED light fixture, and two shelves.

Free-Standing Chute Enclosure:

Custom Part Chutes

This enclosure has two chutes - one for good parts, one for bad parts. Black coated mesh panels and a Lexan shelf keeps parts contained.

Custom Part Chutes:

Custom Part Chutes

We can build custom chutes. Provide us the make and model of your injection molding machine. These shown are free-standing stainless steel chutes with a painted steel sub base.

Custom Machine Mounted Chutes:

Custom Part Chutes

This part diverter is mounted under the press and includes a custom chute. Click image for more information.

Delrin Lined Work Table:

Work table

Delrin lined work tables can be added to almost any EMI conveyor system.

Workstation Turntable:

Conveyor turntable

See our Turntables, an ideal end-of-belt work station for accumulating, sorting, finishing or packing molded parts.



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