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Standard Belt Conveyors

Many of our products were developed to meet the standard needs of our customers while others were developed to meet specific application needs. Our Jackson Center, Ohio manufacturing facility provides you with the technology and the experienced manpower needed to assure that every EMI product meets stringent quality-control standards.

All our conveyors come standard with a AC variable speed drive motor.

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Conveyor Belt Options

EMI offers many types of belting options to suit a wide variety of applications.

Clean Room - ACR

Clean Room conveyors minimize grease, oil, dirt and debris while offering a high-quality, economical solution in a sanitary environment.

Extruded Aluminum - EA

Extruded Aluminum frame conveyors maximize productivity and utilize floor space more effectively than other models.

Merit Line - AD/DD

Available in steel or aluminum in a wide choice of sizes and styles. Easy to service with a 150 lb. load rating.

Signature Line – RM

Our original conveyor line. Extra sturdy, reinforced, steel frame. Dozens of models and options. 150 lb. load rating.

Trim Line – ATL/STL

Trim and compact, they feature the most popular options. 50 lb. load rating. Available in steel or aluminum in a wide choice of sizes and styles.