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Pivoting Part Diverters

Pivoting Part Diverters

Eliminate the need to manually inspect and remove bad parts. Many of today's molding presses come complete with Process Control Output — a feature that can signal the production of a bad shot.

Part diverters are placed under the drop zone of the press and are activated by a signal from the Process Control Output. By eliminating the need to manually inspect and remove bad parts, parts diverters are an excellent way to help reduce labor costs.

There are two styles—conveyor mounted or stand alone. Various voltage coils are available to fit specific requirements. They can be added as an option to almost any EMI conveyor or added to existing conveyors.

Parts diverters can be fitted with enclosure cages, Shown here.

How does it work?

  • The Part Diverter operates on a signal from the customer’s process control.
  • Inside is a panel which tips, to direct parts to one side or the other.
  • When a bad part signal is received, it activates an air cylinder.
  • The air cylinder tips the panel, which diverts the parts into a chute or off of the conveyor.

In-feed end conveyor mounted diverters are primarily used when cycle times are fast.

Conveyor to Conveyor Part Transfer with Parts Diverter

Under the Press Part Diverter

Parts Diverter

Part diverter feeds EAK conveyor.

Part Diverter with EA

SPD Mounted on Polycarbonate Enclosure Cage

Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyors with Indexing Controls and Pivoting Parts Diverter

Pivoting Part Diverters


Pivoting Part Diverter dimensional drawing