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Gimatic Clampable Vacuum Generators

gimatic vacuum generators

These sturdy Gimatic vacuum generators are compact, clampable, lightweight devices. They install directly into air supply lines to generate the suction needed for vacuum cups to attach to workpieces in material handling applications.

They can be threaded directly into a vacuum nipple and clamped around the body or can be easily mounted to an EOAT and used as a centralized generator for multiple cups. A wide selection of framing components available from EMI enable easy installation.

  • Six options available.
  • Can be integrated near the gripping point, lightweight.
  • No reduction of vacuum flow rate.
  • Flexible, the clampable design enables the use of in-line or elbow fittings.
  • Two vacuum port options G1/8" & G1/4".
  • Adaptor ring available to clamp the Ø16mm generator with a Ø20mm clamp.
Vacuum Generators for EOAT

Use the charts below to compare models and choose the best fit for your application.

gimatic vacuum generators comparison chart

Custom EOAT Solutions Available for SCARA Applications

gimatic vacuum generator scara applications

EMI EOAT Engineers worked closely with the end users of these End of Arm Tools during the design process and continue to support the equipment as their production needs evolve. Not only can EMI provide customized vacuum EOAT for SCARA robots, but we can also provide custom tooling with two and three jaw grippers.

Call or email our EOAT engineering department to discuss custom pick-and-place SCARA application.

Specialty Vacuum Cups for Cobots

Perfect for integrating with our specialty vacuum cups for Cobot pick and place applications!

EMI offers a wide selection of in-stock vacuum cups to upgrade your Cobot Vacuum Kit. We’ve added a number of new vacuum cups specifically for the automation industry, including packaging, bin picking, sheet metal handling, intralogistics and much more. Contact us if you need assistance with your application.

Find out more about the components in this EOAT

Vacuum Generators for EOAT

Gimatic Vacuum Generators

Great for inline mounting using our standard modular clamping components. The larger Ø16mm generators can be clamped by Ø20mm clamps using an adapter ring (Quick# 7706, found here). Shop our framing section clamps here.

Cobot Mono-Clamps

Cobot Mono-Clamps

EMI designed Cobot Mono Clamps are lightweight, cost effective and easy to use. Simply mount to your Cobot with an existing ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6 or to our Cobot Quick Changer with the included hardware and spacer. Available in 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 30mm clampable diameters and compatible with a wide variety of components from our EOAT catalog.

EMI 3D-V 3d printing for EOAT

EMI 3D Printed EOAT 3D-V

The 3D-V Vacuum Kit by EMI is a 3D printed EOAT that can be made to meet your specific handling needs. All 3D-V kits can have up to 16 vacuum cups within a 375mm x 275mm footprint. EMI can provide the ideal tool to you that is both lightweight and smart with an integrated sensing module.

Gimatic Manual Quick Changer QC-75

Gimatic Manual Quick Changer QC-75

Designed for collaborative robots, the QC75 is a manual quick changer that allows for pneumatic and electrical connections to be easily coupled between jobs. Standardize up to 16 electrical contacts and 4 pneumatic lines to have your cobot up and running with minimal downtime. With the same mounting pattern as the tool flange of your cobot (ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6), you can mount any “Plug & Play” end effector to the QC75-B for a quick and repeatable installation for every job.