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Blow Mold Separators, Model BMS2

Positioned under an extrusion blow molding machine, EMI's two level, Blow Molding, Conveyor-Separator separates bottles and scrap as they fall from the press.


  • Available in 12" belt width and lengths from 6'-15', in one foot increments
  • Heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel construction
  • Adjustable gap galvanized steel driven rollers for bottle conveying and scrap separating
  • V-guided, FDA approved, white PVC belt, lapped under side rails, for tail and moil conveying
  • 7" high 60° stainless steel adjustable width, side rails for orienting bottles onto rollers
  • Leg sets with castors included. Specify belt heights
  • 15' power cord included. Pre-wired, ready-to-run
  • Control wiring contained in liquid-tight conduit and connectors
  • 110/60/1 DC, 0-80 FPM, variable speed drive
  • Units up to 10' length ship fully assembled


Available Options:

  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing installed on Separation Rollers to provide improved traction
  • Urethane Coated Rollers to minimize bounce
  • Reversing DC Drive
  • Bull Gear Drive, to create the same direction of travel for bottles and scrap
  • Extension of Roller Section
  • Shortening of Roller Section

How to Order:

  • Standard Models - Available in 12" belt width and lengths (dimension A) from 6'-15', in one foot increments.
  • Determine the Conveyor Length (in feet) you need, the “A” Dimension.
  • Specify the Height to the top of the 7" high Side Rails you want
  • Determine the type of conveyor you want and fill out the Conveyor Specification Form

How does it work?

  • Parts, tails and moils fall onto the upper, roller conveyor.
  • As they are moved along by the rollers, the tails and moils fall through the cracks between the rollers onto a lower level, belt conveyor.
  • The lower conveyor moves them in the opposite direction, out of the system.


blow mold separator dimensional drawing