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Part / Runner Separation

EMI Part/Runner Separators mechanically separate sub-gated parts (not attached to a runner) and are not intended to be used to break parts away from a runner.

Each separator is intended to be used in conjunction with or attached to an EMI belt conveyor. A typical application places the belt conveyor under the press and mold to catch the shot, then move the parts and runners out of the press and separate them into two different containers or onto additional conveyors.

Blow Mold Part / Runner Separator

Positioned under an extrusion blow molding machine, EMI's two level, blow molding, conveyor-separator separates bottles and scrap as they fall from the press.

Pin Style Part / Runner Separators

Normally positioned at the end of an under press conveyor, these separators are available as either free-standing or conveyor-mounted units.

Rotating Drum Part / Runner Separators

ATS separators are a versatile, functional, and economic means of part/runner separation.