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Machine Tending Kits from EMI

Whether you're new to automation or redeploying and existing robot/collaborative robot, our new machine tending kits are ideal for tending CNC mills and lathes. By taking our years of experience with robotic handling in different fields, EMI can help you automate your machine tending process. Quickly implement collaborative robots to preform repetitive tasks, increasing production capacity while removing error. Our in-stock gripper kits can be found towards the bottom of the page.

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Mounting Configuration Options

There are three mounting configuration options available: D90, S180 and D180. The D90 configuration (left) contains two grippers that are mounting at 90° with respect to one another, that are great for loading and unloading a machine vise in a CNC mill. The D180 configuration (right) contains two grippers that are mounted 180° with respect to one another on a boom arm. The S180 configuration (center) is a single gripper version of the D180. Both of the D180 and S180 kits are ideal for tending CNC lathes.

Choose the Right Gripper for Your Application

Each mounting configuration is offered with either 2-jaw parallel grippers (DH44xx)* or 3-jaw concentric style grippers (TH54xx)*.

2-Jaw Parallel Gripper Options Available (DH44xx)

3-Jaw Concentric Gripper Options Available (TH54xx)

Adjustable Gripper Fingers Included with Each Kit

These machine tending kits are delivered with stock gripper fingers that allow the kits to be easily applied to a wide variety of application. The 2-jaw gripper fingers can be used for both inner and outer gripping scenarios and features 12 mounting positions, along with multiple grip surface options (blank, HNBR pad & rubber pad). The 3-jaw gripper fingers offers 9 mounting positions and dual-sided fingers to expand the functional gripping range.

Additional Features:

All kits include multi-output, teachable Pro-SS/SN sensor (PNP signal), integrated blow-off manifold/blocker plate, blow-off nozzle kit, and EMI tool kit for easy installation.

Supporting Equipment & Extras

Need the supporting pneumatic equipment to regulate and control these gripper kits? EMI has you covered. Our supply filter-regulator kit provides simple mechanical on-off control and preps your compressed air before delivery to our pneumatic valve kit, which includes a 3-zone valve stack to operate both grippers and blow-off independently, as well our cable management kits for tidying up cables and tubing along your robot arm.