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Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyors, Flat to Decline Belt

The ideal Robot Interface Conveyor!

Adjustable angle decline with automatic belt tensioning. Optional indexing control and robot interface, more information can be found here.

Standard lengths: 5'–20' at 6" increments

Standard belt widths: 6", 12", 18", 24", 30"
Available belt widths: 4"-30" at 2" (50mm) increments




  • Anodized extruded aluminum frame with side channels that accept standard 3/8" hex head bolts/nuts See Detailed Illustration
  • 0-60° adjustability from horizontal to decline sections with built-in angle indicator
  • Anodized aluminum side rails 4" high, 90° overlapping the belt 1¼" per side
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel leg sets with 4" locking swivel castors. Extruded aluminum leg sets available.
  • 110 Volt 1/3hp AC motor with variable speed standard.
  • Gear reducer is sealed and permanently lubricated requiring no service
  • 4-40 FPM variable speed drive
  • Direct drive power transmission
  • 100 lb. maximum load
  • V-guide belt guidance
  • Automatic spring loaded belt tensioning
  • Laced, PVC longitudinal ribbed belt, FDA approved material
  • 212°F belt temperature resistance
  • Units up to 20' long are shipped fully assembled

Common Options:

  • Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Options
  • 2-20 FPM or 7-70 FPM are available at no charge
  • Endless belting is available at no charge
  • Alternate belting is available on all EA models. View all the options here.
  • Side rail extensions for part containment
  • Polycarbonate rail covers
  • Chilled air or ambient air blowers for part cooling
  • Stainless steel discharge chute
  • Deionizing blowers to eliminate static electricity and prevent particles from sticking to parts
  • Box filling by cycle count or weight
  • Alternate motor locations

BW = Belt width
Usable belt width measurement and rail options