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Join EMI at NPE 2024!

May 1, 2024

Join EMI at NPE 2024

Join EMI at NPE 2024! Visit us at the Universal Robots Booth S-24179

EMI will be showcasing an array of UR+ products as well as custom solutions to help get your Universal Robots arm producing. Whether you use Cobots currently or plan on implementing them in your processes, EMI can support your automation needs with the same level of competency and product quality that has made us a leader in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry. From plug & play conveyors to ready-to-ship EOAT Kits and robot stands, our Sales Engineers are excited to share the latest products we have to offer.

Join EMI at Automate in Chicago May 6-9th!

April 30, 2024

EMI at Automate trade show 2024

Our booth #1424 (or as some attendees have called it, "the fun booth") will offer live demonstrations of our Conveyor Automation Systems and End of Arm Tooling. Much of our booth is dedicated to our expanded lineup of plug-and-play and custom EOAT solutions, both for Cobots and a wide variety of other industrial robots.

Talk with our engineers who are continuously working with customers to improve their operations. Our regional sales managers will also be available to discuss new products that could be applicable to your process.

Our Best Selling Conveyor at Faster Shipping Times!

January 16, 2024

EMI Extruded aluminum flat belt conveyor

EAF Extruded Aluminum Conveyors will take your product where you want it to go, from start to finish. Take advantage of our 50+ years of automation experience to give your application the simplest, most effective solution.

Expedited Shipping Standard Sizes:
Available Widths: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24"
Available Lengths: 4'–15' in 1ft increments:

View this article or contact us for more information!

Sensor Solutions for Robotic EOAT

October 24, 2023

EMI Fiber Optic sensor video

When part detection is important, EMI can help! We offer a curated selection of sensors specific to End of Arm Tooling applications.

View this news article for links to the following Sensor videos:

  • How to install a Gimatic Sensor Box (SB)
  • How to program Keyence Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Easy programming with Gimatic Teachable Sensors (PRO)
  • Find more How-To Video's on our YouTube Channel

If you need help, EMI can advise the correct sensor for your application!

New Vacuum Cups for Increased Range of Applications

September 7, 2023

New Vacuum Cups for Increased Range of Applications

EMI has recently added a number of new Vacuum cups for applications beyond EOAT. Find out more in this article.

What's New:

  • PIAB MX Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cups for logistics and warehousing.
  • Gimatic Dual Durometer Vacuum Cups for cardboard and packaging.
  • Gimatic Multi-Bellow Vacuum Cups for bags and packaging.
  • Gimatic Multi-Bellow Metal Detectable Vacuum Cups for food.
  • Coval FPC Silicone FlowPack Vacuum Cups for packaging and bag handling.
  • Coval CBC Nitrile Vacuum Cups for sheet metal.
  • Schmalz SVE Silicone Bin Picking Vacuum Cups.
  • Schmalz SAXM Elastodur Vacuum Cups for sheet metal.
  • Schmalz SPF and SPB Elstodur Vacuum Cups used in the packaging industry.
  • Schmalz PSPF Silicone Vacuum Cups for bag handling.
  • Schmalz SPB2 Silicone Vacuum Cups with integrated nipple for handling of cardboard and rigid packaging.
  • Schmalz FCG NBR / Nirtile Vacuum Cups for logistics applications.

EMI in Detroit for Automate 2023!

June 7, 2023

EMI at Automate 2023

Thanks for visiting us at Automate in Detroit! Recap Video, and New Products!

For those who made it to the show, we hope you were able to learn about EMI products and services. We look forward to working with you on your next EOAT, Conveyor or Cobot application. If you missed us at Automate or need a recap, find a link to our video in this news article and an outline of our new products below!

If you requested information from us at Automate, our Sales Managers will be in contact in the coming days. If you requested a printed catalog, we are working on shipping them to you now.

Machine Tending Gripper Kits from EMI

April 4, 2023

EMI Machine Tending Gripper Kits

EMI Machine Tending Gripper Kits - Custom Solutions to Automate your Machine Tending Process

Machine Tending Kits from EMI are a perfect starting point for tending machine centers, such as CNC mills and lathes. With multiple mounting configurations available, these kits can be used in a wide variety of applications.

EMI specializes in custom automation systems and can help you quickly implement collaborative robots to perform repetitive tasks, increasing production capacity while removing error. Whether you're new to automation or redeploying existing robots, our machine tending solutions are ideal for tending CNC mills and lathes.

Needle Grippers - Ideal for Gripping Non-Rigid Materials

March 15, 2023

EMI EOAT Needle Grippers

Needle Grippers - Ideal for Gripping Non-Rigid Materials

Needle Grippers are a great option for highly porous workpieces that are difficult to grip using vacuum cups or standard grippers. Needle grippers can reliably pick and place fabrics like carbon fiber reinforced textile. EMI can provide an in-stock economic solution for your application.

EMI offers in-stock >ASS< needle grippers that best suit your requirements or we can work with >ASS< to develop a tailor-made and process-reliable gripper.

Find our new Needle Gripper brochure, links to video, application photos, and more information about how needle grippers are used in this article.

Gripper Fingers - Ideal for Gripping EOAT

February 15, 2023

EMI EOAT Gripper Finger EOAT

Gripper Fingers for EOAT

EMI stocks a large variety of EOAT Gripper Fingers, and Gripper Finger Accessories, all designed to provide relief for your plastic application. Should you require any assistance while making your selection, please reach out to one of our experts via email or use our live chat for guidance and suggestions.

EOAT gripper fingers are ideal for gripping parts when vacuum cups cannot be used or when a standard gripper is impractical. Typically, robot gripper fingers are implemented at the edges of wide parts or cosmetic parts. Once in place, the robot gripper finger swings behind the part and locks into position to grip the part’s front and back faces.

Find new products, links to video, custom EMI finger stops, and application examples in this article.

Gimatic Vacuum Products Group

November 16, 2022

Gimatic Vacuum Products

New to EMI's website: the full line of Gimatic Vacuum Products!

The Gimatic Vacuum Products Group consists of products for gripping, handling and holding objects (made of cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, sheet metal and others) in the automotive, packaging, food and beverage, sheet metal, pharma, medical, electronic, wood and glass industries.

EMI Corp. is the North American distributor for Gimatic products with over 50 years of part and package handling experience.

This news story contains tips on how to best use our online interactive catalog and helpful links to get you started with Gimatic Vacuum Products.

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