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OnRobot End Effectors and Accessories from EMI

February 25, 2020

EMI has the largest In-Stock selection of Collaborative Robot EOAT kits and components, ready to ship the same day!

EMI  OnRobot catalog

Adding to our existing EOAT for Cobot products, EMI now stocks and supports OnRobot’s line of Adaptive, Collaborative Grippers, Quick Changers, Vacuum EOAT, and Force / Torque Sensors.

EMI is the EOAT Application Expert

  • 20 dedicated EOAT engineers on staff ready to answer YOUR questions about YOUR project.
  • Experienced in-house gripper finger customization and engineering
  • EMI offers OnRobot Products in-stock, competitively priced, ready to ship the same day.
  • Spare parts for OnRobot are in-stock, no minimum quantities needed.
  • In-house manufacturing of gripper fingers, interface plates and vacuum framing using machining, laser cutting and 3d printing simplify the design process and delivery.
  • Upfront, online pricing with E-commerce ease of buying.
  • Local sales support throughout the US, CAN, and MEX by EMI employees.

EMI Customer Service and Engineering Solutions

December 19, 2019

EMI Customer Service

Our fully staffed Customer Service Department can help with Order Entry, Lead Times, Spare Parts, Warranties, New Applications, Pricing, and Availability. Contacting us is easy!

  • Experienced: For more than 50 years, we have been one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of automation equipment.

  • Helpful: Customer service is always available by phone or email! We’re easily accessible, friendly, and dedicated to help.

  • Convenient: We make every effort we can to ensure all orders of in-stock components ship same-day!

Contact EMI at 216-535-4848 or email us at and let us help you!

New Gimatic Teachable Sensors

October 11, 2019

Gimatic MGX gripper with PRO sensor

Gimatic PRO-SS and PRO-SN sensors are digital magnetoresistive sensors with up to 3 programmable output signals that fit in Gimatic C shaped sensor slots.

  • Easy single button programming.
  • Highly accurate, makes this ideal for part confirmation/mid-stroke detection.
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited and multiple output signals are needed – up to 3 positions.
  • Each output can be independently configured to Normally Open or Normally Closed and is clearly identified by LED’s.
  • Wide +/- 30mm sensing range (relative to the magnet and the sensor).
  • M8 Connector or 5-Wire lead cable, 2.5m: Brown - 24Vdc, Blue

Game Changing Quick Changers from EMI

September 24, 2019

EMI Quick Changers for Cobots

EMI has many new Quick Changer products including the New Quick Changer for Cobots.

The Gimatic QC75 is designed for collaborative robots. The manual quick changer incorporates configurable electrical connections, innovative pneumatic pass-through ports and available locked position confirmation. With the same mounting pattern as the tool flange of your cobot (ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6), you can mount any “Plug & Play” end effector to the QC75-B for a quick and repeatable installation for every job.

EMI's Cobot Ready Conveyor

August 20, 2019

EMI Cobot ready conveyor

EMI has developed a conveyor to easily integrate with your Collaborative Robot.

Coupled with EMI’s URCap development, any UR can easily control the conveyor’s speed and direction. Set-up is easy, simply connect the included Ethernet cable to your UR Robot’s control panel and install the URCap.

Our Cobot Ready Conveyor is a lightweight, durable extruded aluminum frame conveyor, featuring an internal drive, Ethernet connection, photo-eye workpiece detection, URCap for easy programming on Universal Robots. Available in a wide range of lengths and widths to meet your specific needs.

EMI's New 2020 EOAT Catalog

July 23, 2019

EMI New 2020 EOAT Catalog

EMI's 2020 Robot End-of-Arm Tooling catalog is now available!

You can request a copy, view it online, or download a pdf to your desktop. We have added over 340 new products!

Our Online EOAT catalog has many features making it easy to navigate!

  • Easy online ordering - Click any quick number and be directed to that part in e-commerce
  • Download individual pages, or the whole catalog.
  • Search by Part or Quick number

New, Low-Profile Grippers now available from EMI!

May 16, 2019

SMC MHF2 Grippers

The MHF2 is a low-profile gripper with space-saving design where its height is approximately 1/3rd of general purpose MHZ2 & GS grippers.

These double-acting grippers feature a double piston construction that achieves strong gripping force. There are many options for fastening and feeding, along with sensors for mid-stroke detection.

Order Online today! In-stock and ready to ship!

New Pneumatic Brake Suspensions

April 21, 2019

Pneumatic brake suspensions

Aluminum body and steel rod - Available in both rotating and non-rotating shafts.

Pneumatic brake suspensions combine the compliance of a traditional suspension with the rigidity of a fixed location mount. They can be used in applications where height compensation is needed but then the suspension position must be maintained until the part is released.

Available in e-commerce!

EMI's Modular Profile Kit for Industrial Cobots

March 27, 2019

Medium MPK for Cobots

Easy to Assemble and Modify!

Completely modular and lightweight, our Modular Profile Kit (MPK) is a great starting point for most vacuum applications and can easily be expanded with EMI’s complete line up of EOAT framing, suspensions, general and specialty grippers, vacuum cups, and more.

All in stock, ready to ship with a team of Engineers ready to assist you with your application!

Two new sizes of pneumatic tilt units for EOATs

January 14, 2019

RBT tilt unit

Tilt units are used to rotate an EOAT from the vertical to a horizontal position. They are usually placed between the robot and the quick changer, commonly known as wrist-flip or C-axis, EMI offers five different sizes: 30, 40, 50, 63, & 80.

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