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EMI's Modular Profile Kit for Industrial Cobots

March 27, 2019

Medium MPK for Cobots

Easy to Assemble and Modify!

Completely modular and lightweight, our Modular Profile Kit (MPK) is a great starting point for most vacuum applications and can easily be expanded with EMI’s complete line up of EOAT framing, suspensions, general and specialty grippers, vacuum cups, and more.

All in stock, ready to ship with a team of Engineers ready to assist you with your application!

Two new sizes of pneumatic tilt units for EOATs

January 14, 2019

RBT tilt unit

Tilt units are used to rotate an EOAT from the vertical to a horizontal position. They are usually placed between the robot and the quick changer, commonly known as wrist-flip or C-axis, EMI offers five different sizes: 30, 40, 50, 63, & 80.

EMI's New 3D Printing Option

December 12, 2018

SLA 3D printer

Our third, and most recent printer is a stereolithography (or SLA) printer that can run down to a 25 micron (0.025 mm) layer height, providing exceptional detail.

Contact us! Our engineers are experts in the field and will discuss with you our different methods so we can develop the most cost-effective solution for your application.

Vacuum Cup Maintenance

November 1, 2018

how to clean vacuum cups

Periodic inspection and cleaning of vacuum cups is critical in extending the life of the vacuum equipment and ensuring proper safety.

EOAT and End Effectors for Cobots

October 1, 2018

EMI EOAT for Cobots

EMI’s years of experience in automation applications have proved that we can provide the perfect solution for a wide variety of industrial cobot end effector needs.

Our engineers have outfitted a number of our industry-proven pneumatic and electric grippers to easily adapt to, and maximize the high repeatability of Cobots from Universal Robots, Sawyer & Baxter, Kuka LBR, Fanuk CR, and other Collaborative Industrial Robots.

Additive Manufacturing Service for EOAT

August 1, 2018

3D printed EOAT

Get the custom item you need for your EOAT from EMI.

Since 2013, EMI’s engineers have been utilizing Additive Manufacturing (AM) in robotic handling applications for the automotive, medical, consumer good and plastic injection molding industry. As an industry leader in robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT), we have found new, innovative ways to approach the traditional EOAT application. From custom nests to advanced gripper fingers, EMI is continually pushing the limits of 3D printing to support automation in the plastic injection molding industry.

Gimatic and Senvex Replacement Parts: Pistons, Springs, Fingers, and more!

October 9, 2018

gimatic gripper replacement parts

Easy Online Ordering for many of our most popular Grippers, Nippers, and Actuators!

Looking for Replacement Parts? We have made it easier to keep your EOAT up and running. View the gripper, nipper, or actuator's product page and scroll down to find exploded views with replacement parts.

New Quick Changer Centering Pins for EOAT

September 9, 2018

Quick changer centering pin

New from EMI and Gimatic EOAT Centering Pins help mount and center heavy EOAT's

Click the news article link to watch a video that shows how these centering pins work.

Conveyor Replacement Parts Now Available

July 1, 2018

EOAT index page

We have added our most popular Conveyor Replacement Parts online!

Our sales and service department can help you find replacement parts for all EMI conveyor makes and models. You can place your order online or give us a call at 216-535-4848 for more information.

Contact Sales@EMICorp.com if you need a part not found here or for a conveyor specific part. Please have your Model number available.

New OF Gripper design

June 9, 2018

OFR gripper fingers

Internal and External Improvements on all sizes of Gimatic OFA, OFR, OFS, OFN for Better Reliability and Performance

Everything is compatible, with the main difference being the sensor-body versions have a shorter overall length. Updated dimensional drawings, CAD files, and photos will be available on our website as our inventory switches over. Our next EMI EOAT catalog will be updated as models change.

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