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Quality Control & Parts Diverting Systems

Parts diverters are an excellent way to automatically remove bad shots from a system or to automatically fill parts into a container.

Gate Style Diverter

An excellent way to reduce labor costs and improve plant efficiency by automatically filling multiple gaylords at a time without operator assistance.

Pivoting Parts Diverting

Eliminate the need to manually inspect and remove bad parts with Process Control Output.

Reversing Conveyor

EMI's Reversing conveyor automatically removes bad shots, making it an excellent way to reduce labor costs.

Robotic Chute Diverter

Parts can be placed by a robot into chutes, which lead to divided lanes and is an excellent way to improve automation processes.

Shot Rejection Conveyor

If a bad part is molded, a Process Control Tie-in signals two cylinders to push a side panel down, creating a chute which diverts the part from the system.