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Automated Container-Filling Systems

EMI can configure box filling systems to meet almost any application need, including large container filling, extremely accurate small part filling, clean room systems, whole house / lights out systems etc.

Box/Bag Filling Carousel

An Automatic Carousel is a versatile, cost-effective way to automatically fill parts into boxes or bags.

Cycle Count Box Filling Systems

A 'Cycle Count' Box-Filling System is the most economical method to automatically bulk pack small parts into shipping or storage containers.

Grinder Feeding Conveyors

Excellent choice for feeding grinders because they assure that all of the scrap fully enters the feed hopper.

Indexing Control

EMI’s indexing control packages provide a wide range of automation benefits: box packing, stacking, indexing, reversing, orienting, etc.

Tote Dispensers Box Filling Systems

When parts need to be filled into totes for future use, an automated, tote dispensing system can be an excellent, labor saving investment.

Trunkline Box Filling Systems

There are a number of ways to combine box-filling with a trunkline system, making it an excellent way to increase productivity!

Weigh Hopper Box Filling Systems

EMI Weigh Hoppers accurately fill large containers, gaylords etc. to within 0.5 grams.

Weigh Scale Box Filling System

A Weigh Scale System is an excellent choice when a high degree of accuracy is required.

Work Station Turntables

Placed at the end of a conveyor belt, they provide an excellent work station for accumulating, sorting, finishing or packing molded parts.