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Gimatic general purpose grippers
  • In-stock inventory in Ohio ready to ship the same day.
  • Upfront, online pricing with E-commerce ease of buying
  • Local sales and engineering support throughout the US, CAN, and MEX by EMI employees.

Download Gimatic CAD Files

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Large In-stock Inventory in Ohio
Same Day Shipping

in stock inventory Should you need any assistance while selecting a Gimatic Gripper for industrial or collaborative robot, please reach out to one of our engineers for expert guidance and suggestions. Our engineers are available to help you select the right gripper for your specific application along with any accessories to maximize its functionality.

Online Shopping and Ordering
Interactive Gimatic Catalogs with Links to Pricing

gimatic grippers from EMI EMI's online Gimatic catalogs include direct links to our e-commerce product pages. Easily add items to your shopping cart while you browse the catalog. Our e-commerce is easy to use and shows availability, and current pricing with quick links to Gimatic catalog pages, related parts, replacement parts, CAD file downloads, and 360° views. view Gimatic EOAT catalog view Gimatic Vacuum catalog

Gimatic Vacuum Products

Gimatic vacuum products The Gimatic vacuum division consists of products for gripping, handling and holding objects (made of cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, sheet metal and others) in the automotive, packaging, food and beverage, sheet metal, pharma, medical, electronic, wood and glass industries. The range includes suction cups, multistage cartridges, vacuum pumps or vacuum generators, vacuum filters, suspensions, vacuum switches and release systems. learn more from EMI

Find Gimatic Replacement Parts and Part Numbers Online

gimatic grippers from EMI gimatic grippers from EMI Gimatic Replacement parts can be found on our product pages. Search by Part# or Quick# and scroll down to view Related Items and Replacement Parts.

3D Printing for Customizing Anything Gimatic

3D printed fingers for gimatic grippers EMI engineers and produces custom 3D printed fingers and accessories for Gimatic grippers. Take advantage of our experience and talk with an EMI engineer about custom designed and printed gripper fingers for your application. We think you’ll find EMI’s 3D printing is affordable and fast. Learn more from EMI. learn more from EMI

Gimatic EOAT for Cobots

gimatic grippers for cobots Our engineers have outfitted many Gimatic pneumatic and electric grippers to easily adapt to, and maximize the versatility of Cobots from Universal Robots, Doosan, Sawyer, Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Hanwha, Techman, and other Collaborative Industrial Robots. learn more from EMI

Experts in Plastics Applications

gimatic nippers and blades for plastic degating Available from EMI, an array of Gimatic framing, quick changers, grippers, nipper bodies, blades, mounting brackets, spare parts, application examples, and more will help the process of designing and building your plastics EOAT and Degating solutions. learn more from EMI

Experts in Everything Gimatic

gimatic grippers from EMI EMI engineers are available to help customers with End of Arm Tooling, from the right vacuum cups to designing fully-engineered complete project sets. We use our comprehensive expertise to perform a wide range of services for our clients, from supplying ready-to-use Gimatic components, to providing custom jaws and complete custom-designed EOAT's. contact EMI

Have a specialty application that requires a custom EOAT? Contact us to discuss!

EMI is the EOAT Specialist

  • With over 12,000 custom EOAT projects completed, our 20 dedicated EOAT Engineers are on staff ready to answer YOUR EOAT questions about YOUR EOAT project.

  • Experienced in-house engineering and manufacturing of gripper fingers, interface plates and vacuum framing.

  • In-stock inventory in Ohio ready to ship the same day.

  • Upfront, online pricing with E-commerce ease of buying.

  • Local sales support throughout the US, CAN, and MEX by EMI employees.

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