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Extrusion Take Away Conveyors

Extrusion Take Away Conveyors

EMI offers a wide choice of Extrusion Take Away Conveyors. Standard options allow each conveyor to be customized to meet your specific application needs.

Adjustable air hoses provide maximum flexibility This Extrusion Conveyor uses air pressure to move cut extrusions off of the conveyor into a catch tray on the side. Adjustable air hoses allow each air nozzle to be easily moved, depending upon the length of the extrusions. Air pressure can also be adjusted to accommodate varying weights.

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Narrow infeed Extrusion Take Away Conveyor

Narrow infeed and footprint Extrusion Conveyor

Above, a narrow infeed area and footprint, allow this Extrusion Take Away Conveyor to get as close as possible to the extrusion cutter.

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Extrusion Take Away with Water Cooling

Water spray cooling for extrusions

If you need to cool an extrusion or part quickly, a water spray can sometimes be the perfect choice. This application on the right, uses three water sprayers to spray a fine mist of water down onto hot extrusions as they pass underneath. Water drains off through a wire mesh belt, into a stainless steel pan below. To allow the extrusions to be packed immediately, two air knives blow off residual water.

Extrusion Take Away with catch tray

Extrusion Take-Away Application with Catch Tray

This extrusion take-away conveyor application has a hinged catch tray to dump parts into a box below. A photo sensor detects the number of parts and signals a three color alarm stick.