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Roller Conveyor, Container Handling

EMI offers a wide choice of heavy-duty roller conveyors and container handling products for moving large or heavy parts, boxes, containers, totes or pallets. In addition to our standard products, we also develop custom solutions to suit the needs of your specific work environment.

Sections cut out of this gravity conveyor make tow motor lift access possible when the boxes being conveyed are not palletized.

This system can be designed using either a cycle count or weigh scale filling system.

roller weigh scale

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automatic gaylord filling system

Automatic Gaylord Filling System

  • Gaylords are loaded onto the lower, live roller conveyor by a fork lift
  • The conveyor moves the gaylords into the fill position. A photo-eye senses the gaylord is in the correct position
  • Parts are conveyed on the top, belt conveyor which fills them into the gaylord
  • When the gaylord is full, the top conveyor momentarily stops. The full gaylord move away and a new empty gaylord indexes into the fill position
powered roller conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor moves heavy filled boxes

Powered rollers are often used to move heavier totes or boxes. This automated filling system moves empty boxes off of a trunkline system onto a belt conveyor which moves it to weigh scale station. When the box is filled, it is moved to a powered roller conveyor which moves the heavier, filled box back onto the trunkline.

flat top chain conveyor

Flat Top Chain

When the pallet or skid base makes roller conveyor use impractical, heavy duty, flat top chain can be used. EMI can help improve productivity, provide flexibility and reduce costs with the modular chain conveyor system.

container handling gaylord

Move Loose Materials or Scrap

Gaylord dumping systems can be configured to fit a wide range of application needs. This system includes an infeed powered roller conveyor, gravity rollers on the gaylord dumper base and a Model RMC belt conveyor.

container handling gaylord

Transfer Pallets

This RM conveyor has a variable speed drive roller conveyor added with rough top belt. The RM conveyor recesses into the floor for easy transfer.

roller weigh scale

Roller Ball Transfer with Weigh Scale

This stand-alone roller ball top table easily transfers heavy boxes. A weigh scale display located on the table and a remote mounted display help monitor the weight.

Box Transfer Station

box transfer station

A Box Transfer station, incorporated into a live roller conveyor, is an excellent way to move filled boxes off of a roller conveyor to a different conveyor, workstation, etc. When the box reaches the selected destination, an air cylinder raises small transfer rollers and pushes the box off the conveyor.

Sweep Arm

sweep arm

This live roller conveyor automatically changes the direction of parts or boxes.

Boxes move down one side of the conveyor. when they reach the end, a Sweep arm activates and pushes them to the other side of the conveyor, which is moving in the opposite direction.

Powered Roller Conveyor with Turntable for Totes

conveyor turntable for totes

Conveyor for Transporting Pallets

pallet part transfer systems

Conveyor for Transporting Pallets

conveyor for transferring pallets

Pallet Dispensing System with Lift Table and Pin Stops

Tote Dispenser
Large Roller Conveyor Application