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Hybrid / Air Knife Parts Cooling Conveyors

Hybrid / Air Knife Parts Cooling Conveyors

Water spray cooling/ Air knife drying If you need to cool an extrusion or part quickly, a water spray can sometimes be the perfect choice. This cooling application features 3 spray nozzles and a drip pan with drain. An infeed hopper assists in parts dropping to the conveyor where side rails, and containment rails keep parts secure.

Air Knife Drying Application

Plastic part cooling conveyor

Air Knife systems are designed to blow-off all surface liquids/moisture and clean plastic parts.This application uses four air knife spraying stations, a polycarbonate cover, stainless steel bottom tray, and 90 degree flat side rails.

Water Bath Cooling with Air Knife.

This wash tank conveyor is complete with an air knife mounted to an adjustable bracket which dries parts before they hit the chute. The chute has holes that drain to the catch tray below. A stainless steel water tank with hydraulic cooling coils is mounted below the conveyor for minimal footprint.

Water Spray Cooling

This wash tank conveyor is used to spray parts with a 90% water & 10% lubricant solution as they move along the stainless steel wire mesh belt instead of immersing them.

The solution collected in the tank is drained away and may be re-used. The system features four spray nozzles fed by a flexible tubing from a manifold system. The ambient air fan blows any droplets after parts without completely drying them.