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Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyor Options

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Options

EA Space Saver: With the internal drive option, the conveyor's motor and drive are contained within the frame, making it ideal for robot indexing, assembly, and applications where floor space utilization is important.

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Legs mounted under EA Space Saver

Legs Mounted Under the Frame

  • Reduces conveyor width by 4" compared to standard leg set mounting
  • Includes 4" locking swivel castors

  • Contact EMI for pricing.
Internal Drive on Space Saver Conveyor

Motor and Drive Mounted Within the Conveyor Frame

  • Option EA-ID
  • Reduces conveyor width by 7-3/4" compared to the standard motor and drive
  • Includes compact variable speed controller

  • Contact EMI for pricing.
PLC Indexing Option

Compact PLC Indexing Control

  • Option EA-PLC
  • Eliminates large enclosures normally associated with many indexing packages
  • Ideal for robot indexing, box filling, and process control tie-in applications
  • Continuous run mode
  • Accepts momentary or maintained signals for indexing and reversing
  • Easy adjustable digital timers
  • English and Spanish language

  • Contact EMI for pricing.
Indexing Reversing Combo Option

Index / Reverse Combination Drive Option

  • Option T-99-VS
  • 110/60/1 NEMA 1 Emerson M400 variable frequency drive with 230/60/3 AC output to motor
  • Upgrade to a 230/60/3 AC motor and 15' customer interface cord.
  • Has smaller footprint with no extra enclosures or excessive hardware.
  • The drive and motor are the only electrical components.
  • An economical choice with less downtime than other indexing/reversing options
  • Drive can be pre-configured for any combination of indexing and reversing options.

  • Contact EMI for pricing.

EA Drive Options

Space Saver Dimensional Drawing:


Extruded Aluminum Space saver Conveyor Option