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EMI was established in 1968 to provide innovative, high-quality, end-of-barrel products for injection molding machines. As the injection molding industry grew, a need began to emerge for technology to automate the handling of plastic molded parts. To meet this need, EMI began developing conveyors and engineered automation systems including central conveying, box filling, parts diverting, cooling, and many other custom engineered systems. Decades of constant improvement and custom conveying applications make EMI Conveyor systems the standard in the plastics industry. EMI conveyors are designed to your specifications, crafted by experienced assemblers and are made to last in industrial environments while offering advanced features to injection molders.

Since 2001, EMI has been helping customers with End of Arm Tooling, from the right vacuum cups to designing fully-engineered complete project sets. We use our comprehensive expertise to perform a wide range of services for our clients, from supplying ready-to-use components from the leading manufacturers, to providing complete custom-designed components and build services. Our extensive framing components are specifically engineered to be utilized by injection molders, and we supply the largest variety of accompanying EOAT components, including cups, grippers, and everything needed in between. Quality products, competitive pricing and all the support you need.

EMI Plásticos Internacional S de RL de CV, a subsidiary of EMI Corp, was established in 2011 to provide technical, service, and sales support to our customers in Mexico. Staffed by knowledgeable and helpful EMI Plásticos employees, our Querétaro facility stocks a large inventory of our EOAT products, injection machine supplies, conveyors and is home to a team of dedicated Engineers and Sales Managers.

In 2016 we opened a 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility located at 801 West Pike Street, Jackson Center, Ohio. This larger space made room for new machinery which expanded and expedited manufacturing, increased our assembly area, and allowed for necessary growth of our stocking abilities. Built from the ground up, we were able to make many improvements to workflow versus our original location of 50+ years. In another effort to achieve the best productivity, we have also changed to a new powder coat painting technique, which both shortens lead times and improves quality.

Understanding the need for automation beyond the injection molding machine, EMI now offers a complete lineup of plug-and-play and custom Cobot solutions for the plastics industry. Our Engineers are continuously working with customers to improve their operations and researching new products that are applicable to your processes. Our solutions often require some degree of customization— machined adapter plates, 3D printed fingers, laser-cut, or modular EOAT systems; all available with the support of EMI’s EOAT Engineers.

Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Our fully staffed Customer Service Department can help with order entry, lead times, spare parts, warranties, new applications, pricing, and availability.

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Sales, Customer Service, Engineering and Product Development Offices

Phone: 216-535-4848 – Fax: 216-535-4823
28300 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe, OH 44092

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Jackson Center

Manufacturing, Administrative Offices and EMI Engineering Offices

Phone: 937-596-5511 – Fax: 216-535-4809
801 West Pike St. Jackson Center, OH 45334

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EMI Plasticos Building

EMI Plasticos International Sales and Customer Service

Santa Rosa de Jáuregui, Querétaro 76220
Office in Mexico: +52 (442) 349-7646
Sales Manager for Mexico and US Border: 001-216-551-2430