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Rotating & Perforated Drum Separators

Rotating and Perforated Drum Separators are a versatile, functional, and economic means of part/runner separation. The design of the ATS separator takes into consideration all variable factors that affect separation such as cycle time, speed, gap and process angle, isolates them, and makes them definable by the operator.


  • Standard variable speed drive to fine tune and optimize the product flow and separation
  • Ten separation gaps
  • Spiral design slows down parts and eliminates parts from sliding through drum
  • A single point roller adjustment
  • Height & angle adjustments require no tools
  • A wide, durable industrial steel base

Single Point Adjustment on ATS Separator Single Point Adjustment
ATS Separator features a single-point roller adjustment that allows the gaps between all 10 rollers to be spaced and set by a single control screw.

Free Part/Runner Separation Test! Send us five complete shots of exact parts/runners.
Send parts to: EMI Corp. 28300 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe OH 44092

Rotating Drum Separators

Peforated Drum Separators

Model STN-LK - Great for hard to separate sprues!: The STN-LK drum separator sorts dissimilar sized parts a different way. The drum has specific diameter holes throughout its length that are sized to allow smaller parts through the holes and everything else passes down to the end of the process.

Model STN - Perforated Drum Separator

Click here for Dimensional Drawing

Model STNP - Perforated Drum Separator

Click here for Dimensional Drawing

Application Examples

ATS Separator with Weigh Scale Hopper

ATS with weigh hopper

ATS separator combined with an ATLC & ATLK part separation system

ATS part separator

ATS separator combined with an EAK part separation system

ATS part separator

SNTP Separator Box Filling Application

Model STN-LP Rotating Drum Separator