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Flat-Top Chain Conveyors, Steel Frame

Flat-Top Chain Conveyors, Steel Frame

Flat Top Chain Conveyor belting has low friction resistance, making it ideal for conveying finished parts or containers for easier side discharging. Such as when smooth conveying around bends to avoid obstructions and to service work stations is required.

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Side Discharge and Automatic Part Lowering System:

Flat Top Chain Conveyor Pallet Transport

The system shown at right allows a molder to speed up and simplify his final packing. Parts come off the blow molder at a height too high for easy packing and heights change from mold to mold, so one chain conveyor carries them to a Vertical Transfer platform (bottom photo) which lowers each part and slides it onto the second flat belt conveyor, carrying them to the packer. The higher level conveyor has an adjustable height feature to match changing mold requirements.

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Parts Diverter

Adjustable rails accommodate different sized parts or boxes and guide them through complex flow paths.


Flat top chain guide

Flat-Top Conveyors can be constructed to merge product flow lines together using an S-curved section.