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Chute-Style Robotic Parts Diverters

parts diverting conveyor

Chutes, which lead to divided lanes can be an excellent way to provide automation processes. In this application, parts are placed on the conveyor by a robot.

Benefits include:

  • Cavity separation: Separate conveyor lanes isolate mold cavities—an excellent way to separate family molds
  • Quality control: If one section of the mold fails, only parts from that cavity need to be discarded
  • Extend robot range: Chutes can be used to move parts beyond the normal 'release' range of a robot
  • Increase robot speed: Chutes can increase the speed of a robot by allowing it to release all 4 parts at once—without having to rotate the end-of-arm tooling

How does it work?

  • A robot removes four parts at a time from the mold.
  • It positions the parts over the four cut outs and releases them into the chutes.
  • The parts move through the chutes to the four divided lanes.
  • The conveyor moves them to the end and fills them into four separate containers.


Part Diverting conveyor system

EMI’s Trunk Line Conveyors are built for plant-wide systems and incorporate rugged cross-bracing and sturdy construction for long distance runs. The end-mounted drives assure reliable belt tracking.

A Four Cavity Tooling drops parts onto this EAF with Lane Divider Package Conveyor which includes a catch tray

Dividers can have PVC belting or side belt guards to prevent parts from scratching and small part loss.

EAF Part Diverter

8-Chute Diverting Station with Flexible Tubing

Includes: Anti-static hose, Painted steel support frame, SST Tray for Boxes, and Leveling pads.

Part Diverter

Side-by-Side Gate style Parts Diverter

Multi Level Part Diverter

Automated Positioning and Handling System

Includes: Vertical conveyor, gravity roller, box clamps, pin stops, sensors, indexing rails and alarm stack.

Multi Level Part Diverter

Multi-level Gate style Parts Diverter

Multi Level Part Diverter
  • Parts are fed onto the stainless steel gate cylinder diverter.
  • A photo eye for for the scrap box is located on level 2.
  • A custom chute with an additional set of photo eyes measures boxes.
  • Wire mesh guarding protects both people and parts.