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Bumper Facia and Large Part Conveying

Conveying Long Parts
EMI offers a number of conveyors, specifically developed to convey long parts. The conveyors shown on this page are just a few of the many styles we offer.

This conveyor was designed to move automobile bumper fascias that have been robotically placed. The system is adjustable to accommodate different sized bumpers.

How it works:
Automobile bumpers are robotically placed onto two separate, but attached, conveyors. Special raised edge belting supports the molded bumpers.

Versatile Conveyors with Adjustable Widths:
As applications change, so does the width of these conveyors shown below. Designed for auto bumpers, it includes a foot pedal & emergency stop. Easily adjust the space between the two conveyors.

Conveyor for Auto Bumpers includes foot pedal & e-stop

Extra Wide Conveyor for Plastic Parts

Irregular Part Transfer

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