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Extruded Aluminum Frame Belt Conveyors

EMI’s Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyors Deliver a Sturdy, Lightweight Construction.

Main Features:

  • Anodized extruded aluminum frame with side channels that accept standard 3/8" hex head bolts/nuts. See Detailed Illustration
  • Anodized aluminum side rails 4" high, 90° overlapping the belt 1¼" per side. See Detailed Illustration
  • New heavy-duty powder-coated steel leg sets with 4" locking swivel castors. Extruded aluminum leg sets available.
  • 1/3 hp 110V input AC Variable Speed Drive
  • Gear reducer is sealed and permanently lubricated requiring no service
  • 4-40 FPM variable speed drive
  • 3 styles of power transmission - Direct drive is standard. Timing belt drive and chain drive are also available.
  • For internal drive conveyors, the timing belt power transmission is enclosed within the conveyor frame
  • V-guide belt guidance
  • Automatic spring-loaded belt tensioning
  • Self-aligning bearings are permanently lubricated and maintenance free
  • Laced, flat PVC belting (blue), FDA approved material
  • 210°F belt temperature resistance or cleated belts with 1½" high cleats on 18" centers
  • Units up to 20’ long are shipped fully assembled
  • Available in both metric and feet-inch frame sizes


1. Drive Package: Includes a 1/3 hp 110V input AC TEFC motor with a 4-40 FPM variable speed controller (2-20 FPM or 7-70 FPM are available at no charge). The gear reducer is sealed and permanently lubricated requiring no service. Power transmission is provided via direct drive configuration. 15' of SJ cord with a standard three-prong plug is pre-wired to the starter. Control wiring is contained in liquid-tight conduit and connectors. EA conveyors 3'–40' long have 100 lb. maximum load.

2. Belt Tensioning and Guidance: Automatic spring-loaded belt tensioning is standard on all EA conveyor models. This helps keep the belt properly tensioned and tracking straight and facilitates ease of belt changes.  V-guided True Track Belt Guidance System comes standard on 3'–40' long conveyors.

3. Pulleys and Bearings: EMI’s exclusive EA-model pulleys are 3.4" diameter with 1" diameter shafts and incorporate built-in belt traction teeth. The self-aligning bearings are permanently lubricated and maintenance free.

4. Belting: The easy to clean belting is made of FDA approved PVC and has temperature resistance up to 210°F. Staple-type belt lacing is standard. Endless belting is available at no charge. Inclined conveyors have bonded flexible cleats that have no bolts or rivets that may tear out. Cleated belts (EAK, EAZ models) are also fabricated with a high beam strength belting that provides exceptional cross rigidity in the transition.

5. Frame: The frame is clear anodized extruded aluminum with side channels that accept standard 3/8" hex head bolts/nuts. This makes it easy to add peripheral equipment onto the conveyor by sliding hex head bolts into the slots then fastening with standard nuts. When requested, EMI can insert nuts or bolts into the channels when building the conveyor.

6. Rails: 4" high rails are made of 1/8" anodized aluminum and overlap the belt 1¼" per side to ensure small molded parts do not get pinched, damaged, or lost between the rail and the belt. When conveying larger molded parts, non-overlapping rails are available that increase the usable belt width by 2½".

7. Shipment: Conveyors 3'–20' are usually shipped fully assembled, pre-wired, tested, and ready to run (except the legs must be attached by the customer). For your convenience, arrangements can be made for longer conveyors to be shipped assembled.

8. Leg Sets: Adjustable black powder coated steel leg sets and locking swivel castors are included as standard on all EA Line conveyors. Extuded aluminum leg sets available as an option. Belt height must be specified.