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Extruded Aluminum Frame Conveyor Features

The new EA is EMI's 3rd generation of aluminum conveyors – the culmination of EMI's years of experience engineering and building extruded aluminum conveyors.

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Extruded Aluminum Conveyors

Low profile external drives - minimize interference when your operators have to work closely around the conveyor.

Self-aligning bearings are permanently lubricated and maintenance free.

3 styles of power transmission - Direct drive is standard. Belt drive and chain drive are also available.

Variable speed - standard on all EA conveyor models.

Extruded Aluminum Conveyors

Automatic spring-loaded belt tensioning - standard on all models, this helps keep the belt properly tensioned and tracking straight and facilitates ease of belt changes.

PVC Belting - is FDA complaint.

Laced Polyurethane belting - standard on all models. Endless belting is available at no charge.

Edge to edge belt - ideal for robot indexing and applications where floor space utilization is important.



9/16" slots in the extruded aluminum frame accept standard 3/8" hex head nuts and bolts. This makes it easy to add peripheral equipment onto the conveyor by simply sliding hex head bolts into the slots then fasten with standard nuts.



extruded aluminum frame conveyor detail