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Trunkline Box-Filling Conveyor Systems

Trunkline Box-Filling Conveyor Systems

An excellent way to increase productivity!
There are a number of ways to combine box-filling with a trunkline system. One method is to store and fill the boxes at the press and then move the filled boxes to the trunkline to be removed. Another method is to load the empty boxes onto the trunkline, divert them from the trunkline to the press, fill them at the press and then convey them back to the trunkline to be removed.

Trunkline diverters, divert empty boxes to the press.
This system, shown to the right, diverts empty boxes from a trunkline, fills them at the press and then moves the filled boxes back to the trunkline which transports them to a storage area.

How do Trunkline Automation Systems Work?
Empty boxes, coded with either a bar code or a color code, are loaded onto the trunkline.
1. & 2. A photo eye activates a bar code or color code reader. The reader signals if a suitable empty box is available
3. A pneumatic box pusher diverts the box off of the trunkline
4. The box is moved to the filling position. Parts are filled into the box, by weight, cycle count, part count etc.
5. A sweep arm moves the filled box to a power roller conveyor which moves it back to the trunkline
6. Pop-up sweep tabs push the box back onto the trunkline conveyor which takes it to shipping or storage.


Plant-Wide Conveyor Systems

EMI’s Trunk Line Conveyors are built for plant-wide systems and incorporate rugged cross-bracing and sturdy construction for long distance runs. The end-mounted drives assure reliable belt tracking. Our custom conveyor lines, matched with the many options, create an application built to exceed your expectations. Trunkline Box Filling


Multi-Level Trunkline Box Filling Multi-level Trunkline Box Filling: This system diverts empty boxes from the lower trunkline, fills them at the press and then moves the filled boxes back to the lower trunkline. The lower trunkline takes them to an elevator which lifts them to the upper trunkline which transports them to a storage area.

  • Empty boxes are diverted off of the lower trunkline to small (2 position), box filling stations
  • Boxes are filled by feeding conveyors coming from the presses
  • Filled boxes are moved back onto the trunkline
  • An elevator at the end of the system (not shown) moves filled boxes to the upper trunkline
  • Boxes are moved on the upper trunkline to a storage or shipping area


Large Box Filling Trunkline System:

Long Trunkline Box Filling

EMI custom builds large box filling systems to your specifications. Many applications include emergency stops, traffic lights, sensors, and bridges to allow access.

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