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Conveyor Transfer Stations

Conveyor Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are normally used to change the direction of containers or parts, or transfer them to a different conveyor, packing station, etc. EMI offers a wide choice of heavy-duty belt conveyors, roller conveyors and container handling products for moving large or heavy parts, boxes, containers, totes or pallets. In addition to our standard products, we also develop custom solutions to suit the needs of your specific work environment.

Pop-up Box Stops

conveyor pop up box stops

Ball Transfer Plate/Right Angle Transfer Station

Ball transfer plate

Box Transfer Station

box transfer station

A Box Transfer station, incorporated into a live roller conveyor, is an excellent way to move filled boxes off of a roller conveyor to a different conveyor, workstation, etc. When the box reaches the selected destination, an air cylinder raises small transfer rollers and pushes the box off the conveyor.

Sweep Arm

conveyor sweep arm

This live roller conveyor automatically changes the direction of parts or boxes. Boxes move down one side of the conveyor. when they reach the end, a Sweep arm activates and pushes them to the other side of the conveyor, which is moving in the opposite direction.

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor with with Transfer Plate and Wire Mesh Cover

Conveyor with with Transfer Plate and Wire Mesh Cover

Powered Roller Conveyor with Turntable for Totes

Conveyor with Turntable for Totes