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Gate-Style Part Diverters

Gate-Style Part Diverters

By automatically filling multiple gaylords at a time without operator assistance, EMI gate style, gaylord filling systems are an excellent way to reduce labor costs and improve plant efficiency. They can also significantly reduce lift truck traffic by allowing one operator the ability to service multiple machines.

This system automatically fills 4 boxes. When the last  box begins filling, an alarm signals an operator to refill the system.


  • The two sides of each diverter become the side rails of the conveyor when the diverter is closed.
  • Diverters are lined with low friction UHMW to help keep parts flowing smoothly and prevent cosmetic damage.
  • Parts continue to be counted when the feed conveyor is stopped, allowing the system to continue without interruption.

How does it Work?

  • A part count is entered into the counter, and the system is started
  • A rodless air cylinder pushes the first diverter into the open position
  • Parts are diverted into the first container
  • When the count is met, the feed conveyor stops, allowing all of the counted parts to empty into the container
  • The first diverter closes and the next one opens
  • The feed conveyor starts again bringing up the next count of parts
  • The operation continues until all of the containers have been filled


Polycarbonate enclosures and custom chutes contain parts.

Part Diverter with Lexan

Multi-level Gate style Parts Diverter

Multi Level Part Diverter
  • Parts are fed onto gate diverter.
  • A photo eye for for the scrap box is located on level 2.
  • A custom chute with an additional set of photo eyes measures boxes.
  • Wire mesh guarding protects both people and parts.

Extruded Aluminum Conveyor with Three Pneumatic Parts Diverters

EAF Part Diverter